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What is wrong with us, men?

Whenever a health battle comes along, why do men hesitate asking for help or prayer?  I know I do.  It is almost shameful to let someone know your back hurts or someone ran over your leg for fear of someone pulling out the dreaded “wimp card”.  Does being sick or hurt make us less of a man?  Maybe that is why we do not live longer than women….okay, not the only reason.  But truly you see women having an easy time sharing prayer requests in a mixed setting, while men hesitate with fear of putting down their guard or losing their “knight in shining armor” status.

All that to say….if not telling someone is manly, then why is being AFRAID of telling someone you are hurt MORE manly?  I think I got you there.  So, next time you have an x-ray or pull a muscle, ask for prayer….IT’S MANLY!

Tourney Update

Christmas this year began with many presents under the tree, including an amazing Western Kentucky game.  However, the lumps of coal included an early Duke loss and a dumb pick of USC making some noise.  Also, San Deigo and Siena?  The question mark says it all.

Who else thinks the Lopez twins are the Joakim Noah of this year’s tournament.  They scream at everything like it was halloween everyday.  My wife looked at one of them and just said one word, “Scary”.  Nobody could top the annoyance of J. Noah, after all the annoying award is now named after him.

I did choose Michigan State to do some damage.  A change on Thursday morning that I am quite proud of – have them beating Memphis too, so we shall see how much wisdom I truly had.  Nevertheless, this is the farthest I have gone with all my elite eight teams.  But so is all the rest of the world since there was only one #2 seed gone, and all the #1 are still in it as of now.

 Good luck with the rest of Christmas….



Can this year’s March Madness really be called that?  Or should it be called Late March Madness or March Madness that spills into April Absurdity.  It’s bad enough that CBS (Can’t Broadcast Sports) has the tournament and not ESPN.  Which makes total sense since you could show the games on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNNEWS, ESPN “THE OCHO”….But to have the tournament run so late.  This truly is my Christmas, and I feel like it is Christmas night as a kid and my parents tell me sorry, you will have to wait till January till Christmas.  What a nightmare.  Still, when it comes, I will be glued to the TV cheering on teams I have no connection with at all, but simply to gain points in my bracket challenge.  Merry Christmas everyone.


Did anyone watch 20/20 last night?  Ok, probably not.  The segment was called “The Age of Consent”, which was a documentary on when the age of consent should be for minors to participate in sex.  In the end, there were two sides – kids will be kids & let the STD’s run wild, and the other side was to WAIT till marriage.  One “psychologist” compared waiting for sex until marriage was like telling someone who is depressed “have a good day and go on your way”.  Does this fellow have children or have an understanding the effects of pre-marital sex?  You would think it would be part of his pychology studies, or maybe he minored in Freudian theories.  Bottom line is kids will not be kids….kids need to be trained, discipled, challenged, encouraged, and loved into adulthood with God’s Word and Biblical guidance.



Did anyone else hear about the golfer and the annoying bird last week?  Apparently, he was taping a “Hit like a Pro” video and had an annoying bird in the background that wouldn’t shut it’s beak.  So, rather than have someone shoo the bird away, he proceeded to hit balls at the tree.  After ten tries, he got his wish, the bird stopped its noisy annoyance….it stopped because the golf ball hit the bird between the eyes.   I guess the bird was hit so hard it was bleeding from its nostrils.  I don’t know about you, but doesn’t that just validate his DVD of how to “Hit like a Pro”.  Too bad the bird is on the endangered list and he is facing a $10,000 fine.   Oops!


So we have created this culture of following…..check that….worshipping celebrities.  Mary Kate eating a donut!  Ludacris is filling his gas tank!  George Clooney itching his armpit!  What is wrong with people.  Anyways, the celebrities are now fighting back.  They are playing pranks on the popparazzi by purposely setting up fake situations to confuse them.  It is basically another “Punk’d” show, but on the media instead of the celebrities.  It is called Pop Fiction, and it seems like a good idea.  We shall see how it plays out.

My Fault

I’d like you to read Matthew 27:25…okay fine, don’t get up from your seat and get your Bible.  If you did – gold star, if not here is the verse for you “Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children.”  I read that verse, and I have to be honest with you, the first thing I thought was – Oh man, whoever “us” is in that verse, they better look out.  They just put the Savior, the Creator God, the Cornerstone, The Rock of All Ages, The Messiah….TO HIS DEATH.  Oh no they didn’t.  Did they realize what they just did?  What were they thinking?  I then thought to myself something that I am ashamed to admit…I’m glad I wasn’t the one that did that.

Then, like lightning on a Lee Trevino golf course, electricity was sent straight through my body.  Every nerve from my head to my toes was affected by something small in verbage, but large in action.  I felt guilt.  Guilt went into my heart and was pumped to every living vessel in my structure.  How could I be so hypocritical?  How could I think about these people in this way?  It was I that sent my Savior, my Rock, my Messiah to his death sentence.  It might as well been my lips that screamed “Crucify Him”.  It might as well been my hands that gripped the hammer that sent those nails through the feet of my Lord.  For it was my sin that sent Jesus to the cross.  That blood, described in Matthew 27:25, is on ME!

One more thought before I let you go update your myspace, or go on to more important tasks.  This weekend, I did something that should both surprise you and make you wonder if I’m telling the truth.  I read a book…in one weekend!  It was “Walking God’s Trail” by Steve & Jinny Saint.  Steve Saint was the son of one of the missionaries that was killed in Ecuador, which included Jim Elliot.  Later, in this miraculous story of forgiveness, Steve was able to not only meet the murderer of his father…he was able to forgive him and become his friend.  You see, and many of you know this story, but after the death of their husbands, several of these missionaries’ wives went back to that same tribe to bring them the gospel.  One of the cruelest, most vile group of humans on God’s planet came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Another story, which my pastor told me today, was the story of Corrie Ten Boom.  Author of the Hiding Place, Corrie Ten Boom was a Jew under the persecution  of the Germans.  Much of her family was killed in concentration camps at the hands of Nazi soldiers.  Later in life, she was asked to speak at a German church.  There, she saw a German officer that had a hand in killing her parents.  Following the service, this officer came up to her and asked for forgiveness.  She forgave him.

These are amazing stories of forgiveness.  These are stories that give a glimpse of what our Heavenly Father did for us.  Don’t you see it?  See we are the reason God’s Son was placed on that cross.    We are the murderers in the gospel story.  Jesus did no wrong, but we, because of our sin, nailed him to the cross and put Him to death.  But God, in His infinite mercy, chose to not only forgive us, but to call us His children, clean us up, run into his everlasting arms, and live in His eternal home.

So read Matthew 27:25 again.  Don’t you dare look down on those people.  You think about whose fault it really was that Jesus was sent to that cross……It was my fault.


As I embark on this phenomenon called blogging, I am a little wary.  If you were to ask me 10 years ago if I would like to participate in blogging, I would deny you with a hand in the face or a double snap, for blogging sounds painful without knowing the details.  Also, another fear is to allow my thoughts to be read by 10’s, scores, or even millions of people daily.  Will we see a decrease in the intellectual capacity of all English speaking internet bloggers?  Will the IQ of Americans suddenly drop?  Will the high school graduation rate and SAT scores see a sudden decline?  I can’t say it’s not possible due to my incredible blogging skillz, or lack thereof.

So you may ask, will I use this power for evil or for good.  Thoughts of evil do come to mind, such as typing Value City Furniture is Defective  Value City Furniture is Defective   Value City Furniture is Defective   Value City Furniture is Defective   Value City Furniture is Defective   Value City Furniture is Defective   Value City Furniture is Defective   Value City Furniture is Defective   Value City Furniture is Defective   Value City Furniture is Defective   over and over because my couch and “father” chair both have sinking cushions….hoping that google searches will go to my weblog to get back at them….I could do that.  But NAY, I shall not use my weblogging powers for evil, but for good.  My comments will be both informative and influential for the good of Christianity, for the good of the human soul, and sometimes for the good of the Ohio State Buckeyes…depending on my mood.

So enjoy world.  You are gaining a free access to my brain.  It costs you nothing, and all you will gain is every dream, hope, and aspiration that is in your grasp.  Congratulations and Good Luck.