Can this year’s March Madness really be called that?  Or should it be called Late March Madness or March Madness that spills into April Absurdity.  It’s bad enough that CBS (Can’t Broadcast Sports) has the tournament and not ESPN.  Which makes total sense since you could show the games on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNNEWS, ESPN “THE OCHO”….But to have the tournament run so late.  This truly is my Christmas, and I feel like it is Christmas night as a kid and my parents tell me sorry, you will have to wait till January till Christmas.  What a nightmare.  Still, when it comes, I will be glued to the TV cheering on teams I have no connection with at all, but simply to gain points in my bracket challenge.  Merry Christmas everyone.


Did anyone watch 20/20 last night?  Ok, probably not.  The segment was called “The Age of Consent”, which was a documentary on when the age of consent should be for minors to participate in sex.  In the end, there were two sides – kids will be kids & let the STD’s run wild, and the other side was to WAIT till marriage.  One “psychologist” compared waiting for sex until marriage was like telling someone who is depressed “have a good day and go on your way”.  Does this fellow have children or have an understanding the effects of pre-marital sex?  You would think it would be part of his pychology studies, or maybe he minored in Freudian theories.  Bottom line is kids will not be kids….kids need to be trained, discipled, challenged, encouraged, and loved into adulthood with God’s Word and Biblical guidance.

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