Tourney Update

Christmas this year began with many presents under the tree, including an amazing Western Kentucky game.  However, the lumps of coal included an early Duke loss and a dumb pick of USC making some noise.  Also, San Deigo and Siena?  The question mark says it all.

Who else thinks the Lopez twins are the Joakim Noah of this year’s tournament.  They scream at everything like it was halloween everyday.  My wife looked at one of them and just said one word, “Scary”.  Nobody could top the annoyance of J. Noah, after all the annoying award is now named after him.

I did choose Michigan State to do some damage.  A change on Thursday morning that I am quite proud of – have them beating Memphis too, so we shall see how much wisdom I truly had.  Nevertheless, this is the farthest I have gone with all my elite eight teams.  But so is all the rest of the world since there was only one #2 seed gone, and all the #1 are still in it as of now.

 Good luck with the rest of Christmas….

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