What is wrong with us, men?

Whenever a health battle comes along, why do men hesitate asking for help or prayer?  I know I do.  It is almost shameful to let someone know your back hurts or someone ran over your leg for fear of someone pulling out the dreaded “wimp card”.  Does being sick or hurt make us less of a man?  Maybe that is why we do not live longer than women….okay, not the only reason.  But truly you see women having an easy time sharing prayer requests in a mixed setting, while men hesitate with fear of putting down their guard or losing their “knight in shining armor” status.

All that to say….if not telling someone is manly, then why is being AFRAID of telling someone you are hurt MORE manly?  I think I got you there.  So, next time you have an x-ray or pull a muscle, ask for prayer….IT’S MANLY!

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