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Captain Random Strikes Again…

Does anyone else enjoy obscure references to movies?  Although I do enjoy the memorable quotes from movies like Beethoven & Tommy Boy…Sometimes when I watch older movies or older TV shows, I love to find stars within the supporting cast.  Can I give you a few examples?  Here we go….

Matthew Mcconaughey – Angels in the Outfield (which also had Oscar winner Adrien Brody)

Vince Vaughn – Rudy

Brad Pitt – Growing Pains

Don Cheadle – 1st Season of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Now it is your turn….what are some that you can come up with?

Josie Goes For Gold!

With one and a half tooths, 16 lbs. of eager eating power…Presenting Josie’s “First Supper”.

After the 1st bowl, she was quite content….

Not knowing when to quit…Later that week, Josie went for the world record and was spent.


And Now I Believe

This is a poem that one of my students wrote.  I thought it was fantastic, especially for a 15 year old.  What an amazing talent!

And now I believe


Everyday I wake not knowing where to turn,

The fire of inspiration inside me, it barely burns!

As time goes by, this painful road only becomes longer,

But I come to realize that avoiding Your advice won’t make me any stronger.


I need to stand up, learn never to give up!

For believing in You will always get me through!

He knows how hard my life is, for my will is His, for my will is His.


As I pray all the pain slowly melts away!

I wake up to the relaxing sunshine and now I know that He is mine!


All those years walking in darkness,

I don’t understand how I could’ve been the loveless!

Guess I was numb to all the demon voices, the bad choices and the storm that seemed so endless.


But now I believe, and now You live in me!

The sunlight I finally see and Your love as endless as the sea!


And now I believe!


American Idol Worship?

I will admit it….I watched a portion of American Idol last night.  They were doing a quasi-telethon to raise money for the poor and needy.  Truthfully, it was good to see a secular, media driven circus use their power for good and not evil.

Anyways, at the end, the “idols” were set to do their final number.  Ryan Seacrest, who is everywhere now including the SuperBowl for crying out loud, lays this suprise announcement on me “And now the idols will end the show with the “Shout to the Lord”.  Immediately, I thought there is no way this is the song I once sang as a lanky 9th grader at a youth leadership conference….those thoughts soon faded as I heard “My Jesus, My Savior” being sang to millions of viewers.

What does this mean?  Well, as I discussed this with my dear friend, mark artrip , I discovered some things. First of all, apparently the long-haired smiling hippy character is a Christian. So maybe he had some influence on the situation. Or possibly, songs as they grow older develop a role reversal. For example, an old song such as “lean on me” jumped from the secular world and made a huge splash in youth groups across the country. Did “Shout to the Lord” do the opposite? Did this song do a 180 degree turn, and suddenly the words mean “whatever Lord you worship” or “shout to the religion that you feel is valid”. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

Dream Do Come True

Ever since I was a kid, Ken Griffey Jr. has been my favorite baseball player.  And now, living in Cincinnati, I can enjoy watching Junior right in my backyard.  Allow me to take you down memory lane and explain how he became my favorite player….

It was 1989, I bought a pack of baseball cards from Toys ‘R Us.  It was a pack of Donruss, and inside was a Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Card.  It was my first card that was worth more than $1.50.  It was from that day on, Junior was my favorite player.  Not to mention, the shoes I wore of his in Jr. High were amazing.  Sure, the teal and black never matched anything, but who cares!

This brings me to today.  I just purchased the card I have always wanted….A 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Card.  Today is a good day.  One of my dreams has come true.  Next stop, watching Lebron James play and writing a book.



Who would of thought that all #1 seeds would make it to the final four?  Sure, it presents some intriguing matchups such as Roy Williams haters vs. Roy Williams….but half the boring bracket fillers probably picked this final four.  I needed Davidson to slay Goliath to make things a little more interesting.

As a semi-closet fan of the Florida Marlins, this was pretty funny.  A-Rod makes around 28 million this year, because of his New-you-got-to-be-kidding contract.  That figure is more than the entire Marlins team….plus $6 million.  Ridiculous.  Not a good sign for the fish.


Been enjoying watching the Newlyweds on Sunday nights.  It is actually a show that I try to watch each week.  It is now down the final week.  Been some funny stuff.  There is this one couple that eloped.  She is a transplant surgeon who dropped her work to be a stewardess for her new husband who is a pilot.  Yeah, and the parents came on the show, total awkwardness comedy.  Good Stuff.

The Bachelor:  Dude is from England.  Chronic hiccup girl is pretty funny.  Otherwise, gag me with a spoon.

52 percent of boys and 26 percent of girls reported average total screen time of more than 42 hours per week which included TV, computers and videos.  SAD.