American Idol Worship?

I will admit it….I watched a portion of American Idol last night.  They were doing a quasi-telethon to raise money for the poor and needy.  Truthfully, it was good to see a secular, media driven circus use their power for good and not evil.

Anyways, at the end, the “idols” were set to do their final number.  Ryan Seacrest, who is everywhere now including the SuperBowl for crying out loud, lays this suprise announcement on me “And now the idols will end the show with the “Shout to the Lord”.  Immediately, I thought there is no way this is the song I once sang as a lanky 9th grader at a youth leadership conference….those thoughts soon faded as I heard “My Jesus, My Savior” being sang to millions of viewers.

What does this mean?  Well, as I discussed this with my dear friend, mark artrip , I discovered some things. First of all, apparently the long-haired smiling hippy character is a Christian. So maybe he had some influence on the situation. Or possibly, songs as they grow older develop a role reversal. For example, an old song such as “lean on me” jumped from the secular world and made a huge splash in youth groups across the country. Did “Shout to the Lord” do the opposite? Did this song do a 180 degree turn, and suddenly the words mean “whatever Lord you worship” or “shout to the religion that you feel is valid”. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

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