And Now I Believe

This is a poem that one of my students wrote.  I thought it was fantastic, especially for a 15 year old.  What an amazing talent!

And now I believe


Everyday I wake not knowing where to turn,

The fire of inspiration inside me, it barely burns!

As time goes by, this painful road only becomes longer,

But I come to realize that avoiding Your advice won’t make me any stronger.


I need to stand up, learn never to give up!

For believing in You will always get me through!

He knows how hard my life is, for my will is His, for my will is His.


As I pray all the pain slowly melts away!

I wake up to the relaxing sunshine and now I know that He is mine!


All those years walking in darkness,

I don’t understand how I could’ve been the loveless!

Guess I was numb to all the demon voices, the bad choices and the storm that seemed so endless.


But now I believe, and now You live in me!

The sunlight I finally see and Your love as endless as the sea!


And now I believe!


One thought on “And Now I Believe

  1. Cathi Hassan says:

    A beautiful expression!

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