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Ken Griffey Jr’s home run total is at 598.

Getting close to missions trip, and I am getting close to my bottle of mylanta.

Took some days off this week = took some days to walk long distances chasing a white ball.

My daughter goes absolute coo-koo when I do a long extended “awwwwww”. When I miss a putt and saw “awwwwww”, she screams like her left big toe fell off.

Obama & Billary both are developing plans for universal health care….that song I hear in the background is “It’s the end of the world as we know it…”

The Florida Marlins are in first place still. I guess maybe the rest of MLB should pay attention to their methods. Simply trade away your entire payroll for young players that will run out ground balls and play for fun. So far, you can’t argue with 2 championships in the last 15 years.

When we say “nothing good can happen from this”, we are saying “God, you don’t know what you are doing”. When I think of the Steven Curtis Chapman situation, my human side thinks it is hard to say “all things work together for good”. But we know that is true.

Assembling Youth/Student Ministry Leadership Team

Coming into a new ministry, it can be tough to assemble a team to work alongside you in youth ministry.  However, it is vital to the health of the ministry, no matter the size.  Larger youth groups struggle with discipleship without proper staffing, and smaller groups can struggle with utilization of various gifts (example:  if youth pastor has gift of teaching, evangelism may be lost – pardon the pun)

Here are some simple tips to help you assemble your youth group leadership team:

1.  Interview Candidates – It is important to distinguish the real deals with the “gone in 60 seconds”.  First and foremost, find out the spiritual condition of the candidate.  It is best to use applications prior to interviews.  Have the ministry requirements/responsibilities at the bottom of the application, which leads me to my next point…

2.  Determine Responsibilities – Without proper organization, you as the youth pastor or youth leader will still be doing all the work.  Give them detailed responsibility and TRUST them with it!

3.  Discover Spiritual Gifts – Find out where the spiritual gifts are in your leadership team and USE THEM!  Remember what I Corinthians 12 (go ahead, look it up, i did too)…we are better together as a body!  Let your evangelists run the evangelistic events, let the service peeps be your service coordinators.

4.  Establish Boundaries – “Must be out of high school at least 2 years” is a good one.  First off, remember yourself at age 19.  Second, this will prohibit your seniors from coming to the senior party for the next 8 years straight.

5.  Spread the Wealth – Don’t allow your leadership team to be ministry hogs.  They need to be fed too!  So don’t use your “MVP” for events, small groups, teaching, and washing your car.   Allow your leaders to be placed where their gifts thrive, then let them loose in the others areas where other leaders can shine!  Again, I Corinthians 12 (you can look it up again).

6.  Plan Regular Meetings – Use these meetings not to discuss how much you hate teenagers.  Use the meetings to equip your leaders!  Start the meeting with devotional, provide tools to be relevant, and discuss areas of improvement.  Then talk about the 1,278 events you have in the next two weeks.  Ouch, that one hurt.

Thanks!  Love to hear more tips!  Holla Back.

Trinity Illustration

How in the world can a youth pastor illustrate the trinity to a room full of students?  You dig into a theological mind-bender such as the trinity in student ministry, and they may look at you like you have 3 heads…get it 3 heads and we are talking about trinity…anyways here ya go, the perfect trinity illustration:

Trinity Illustration for Youth Ministry:

How many of you know who Batman is?  Batman is made up of 3 characters:  the superhero Batman, the businessman Bruce Wayne, and the actor Christian Bale.  When Christian Bale is Batman, he doesn’t stop being Christian Bale.  When he is Bruce Wayne, he doesn’t stop being the Batman character.

Similarly, when God is fulfilling his role as the Father, He does not stop being God the Holy Spirit or God the Son.  He is three persons in one.

Other Illustrations along those lines:  Spider-man – Tobey Maguire , Hannah Montana – Miley Cyrus, Miley Stewart

Sometimes, as youth ministers we need to think outside the box, especially when trying to explain the personage of the Lord God, creator of the universe.  Sometimes it takes a made up comic book superhero to help you explain.

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Encouragement for the Youth Pastor

Nineteenth century Scottish preacher Horatius Bonar asked 253 Christian friends at what ages they were converted. Here’s what he discovered:

Under 20 years of age – 138
Between 20 and 30 – 85
Between 30 and 40 – 22
Between 40 and 50 – 4
Between 50 and 60 – 3
Between 60 and 70 – 1
Over 70 – 0                   

What you are doing now is vital.  Before the worldview is concrete, before the world seeks its teeth in, and before the “hypocrisy of the christian church” overshadows the love of Jesus Christ…children, teenagers, students need to hear the gospel and be discipled in the Word.

YOUTH PASTORS EVERYWHERE:  YOUR JOB IS IMPORTANT!  Those overnighters where the flu bug spreads like the bubonic plague, that teenager you wish to reach but your arms just seem not long enough, the student roster full but the seats empty….BE ENCOURAGED.  THOSE YOU REACH, MAY HAVE NEVER BEEN REACHED.  REACH THEM WHEN THEY ARE YOUNG.  They may never have another chance.