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Trinity Illustration

How in the world can a youth pastor illustrate the trinity to a room full of students?  You dig into a theological mind-bender such as the trinity in student ministry, and they may look at you like you have 3 heads…get it 3 heads and we are talking about trinity…anyways here ya go, the perfect trinity illustration:

Trinity Illustration for Youth Ministry:

How many of you know who Batman is?  Batman is made up of 3 characters:  the superhero Batman, the businessman Bruce Wayne, and the actor Christian Bale.  When Christian Bale is Batman, he doesn’t stop being Christian Bale.  When he is Bruce Wayne, he doesn’t stop being the Batman character.

Similarly, when God is fulfilling his role as the Father, He does not stop being God the Holy Spirit or God the Son.  He is three persons in one.

Other Illustrations along those lines:  Spider-man – Tobey Maguire , Hannah Montana – Miley Cyrus, Miley Stewart

Sometimes, as youth ministers we need to think outside the box, especially when trying to explain the personage of the Lord God, creator of the universe.  Sometimes it takes a made up comic book superhero to help you explain.

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