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God vs. Science in Sports

It is often a struggle in the media on how to portray religiosity in sports.  Do we dare say the name God, or attribute an athlete’s amazing ability to hit 350 yard drives, or throw a baseball 105 mph as “God-given ability”?  Does the camera quickly turn away when a player kneels down in the end zone to give God glory?  Typically yes.  So when I ran across this article on Albert Pujols, I was a little surprised…until I read it.

If you don’t know, Albert Pujols is among the best of the best in Major League baseball.  He, with the exception of Alex Rodriguez is the best hitter this generation has seen.  With that being said, Pujols is also a dedicated Christian.

In this article, Pujols does not hesitate to give God credit for his accomlishments.  And, in this particular literary piece, Albert gives God credit for his quick healing ability.  Most athletes take months to recover from his ailments, but Pujols only takes weeks. 

While the praise and honor should go to the Almighty God in this situation, the writer still hesitates.  Rather than giving God credit, the writer is reluctant to get “all religious”, but instead gives the credit to the player. 

When Carson Palmer points to the sky, the announcer points to Palmer’s arm or Houshmanzada’s hands.  Why are we so afraid of mentioning the Creator God?  In schools, we battle it in textbooks and in teacher’s rooms.  In courtrooms, people fight against the Ten Commandments. 

One day no one will shy away from mentioning God’s name.  Because as it says in Philippians 2:11, that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.  Even writers for sports magazines and announcers on ESPN will have no choice.




What is wrong with the world?

Is this the end of Christianity in the New World?  Did we forget we left the church of England to start a new nation built on “In God We Trust”?  How quickly the tables have turned. 

You know when I hate watching the news, because it is just so depressing.  “Next, when we come back, a murder on 3rd street, a rape on Elm, and a robbery at the bank on Main…”  But you know what?!?!  Even the Christian news publications are beginning to be this way.  When I hear statements like:

·         70 percent, including a majority of all major Christian and non-Christian religious groups (except Mormons), agree that “many religions can lead to eternal life.”

·         U.N. referred to prostitutes as “commercial sex workers.” “This was the first meeting where homosexuality, prostitution and injection drug use was promoted as acceptable behaviors that should be protected,”

·         Some of the nation’s most offensive pornographers are preparing for the launch of the newer, faster and cheaper iPhone from Apple. That’s because it is expected to make pornography more accessible and more attractive.

It breaks my heart that this is where our nation is heading…or where our nation is may be a better statement.  We, speaking to the Christian church, need some victories.  We need more that will stand up in our government to laws that spit on Biblical principles, we need more students that will not be silent, and we need more Christians that will fight for what our nation was founded upon.

Is America a nation that follows the motto “In God We Trust”.  Unfortunately, it is more “In whatever god you follow, you should trust, and everyone should be okay with that” nation.  Time to stand up!

Two Things

I can’t believe I forgot to mention ketchup in my top ten list above.  What was I thinking?  Ketchup is a sweet nectar sent from the heavens.

Here’s a good article to encourage youth workers, or more specifically those thinking of being a youth worker:

Things I Love – Part 1

This would be a perfect blog for Valentine’s Day, but why wait!

Things I love list:

     1.      My Wife:  I mean…have you seen her…bow-chicka-wow-wow!

2.      My Daughter:  She is the cutest thing on the earth. 

3.      My Christ:  Saved me from eternal torment and loves me to eternity and back.

Those were the obvious…now for the possibly suprising.

4.      Chipotle:  If the “Heaven is a place on earth” song was a true statement, it would be describing Chipotle.

5.      White Chocolate/Macadamia Nut Cookies:  The wife makes them so they melt in your mouth like cookie dough ice cream…hold on I’m drooling.

6.      Sportscenter:  Never a better show.  How I miss thee.

7.      Golf:  The smell of the grass, the perfectly struck iron shot, the long birdie putt, the excitement of a man named after a carnivorous feline….good stuff.

8.      Assorted Swedish Fish:  The red is so boring…go assorted and you will never go back.

9.      Fishing:  Speaking of fish, I love the thrill of the hunt.

10.  IBC Root Beer:  Had to put that there so I get more blog hits for people searching for beer and they find a youth pastor’s blog…pretty tricky huh.


How to Love Life In 2 Simple Steps

We live in a society that simply does not love life.  Many people out there do not like their job, house, car, and even spouse!  Is there a solution out there somewhere that can change all that?

There is!  In the Bible, in I Peter 3:10-11, it makes it clear how a person can love life.  It really is simple, and comes down to two steps.  Two steps that your mother may have yelled at you when you were growing up.  Here are the 2 steps to Love Life:  Watch Your Mouth & Look Where You Are Going.

It sounds so simple.  If you are using your mouth to build people up and to praise God, you will love your life.  Do you realize your lifetime is the only time you have to help people?  In heaven or hell, whatever your destination, you will not have the ability to do that.

Secondly, you need to look where you are going.  If you are following Jesus Christ, you will love your life.  There will be a higher purpose for you being on this earth.  You will always have someone loving you and lookng after you!  Why wouldn’t you want the creator of the universe looking after you?

So do yourself a favor, take a look at your life – are you depressed, lonely, or just hating life?  Then watch your mouth and look where you are going.  Love your life – it’s the only chance you are going to get!

Golf History – Tiger Woods Wins With One Leg

Did anyone catch the U.S. Open this weekend?  Even those that would rather cut their toes off with a butter knife than watch golf, it had to catch their attention.  The magical round of golf that Tiger Woods had on Saturday was on primetime TV.  I truly believe there were thousands that instantly became golf fans due to his miraculous shots on the back nine late Saturday night.  At times, it was almost superhuman.  Being a fairly decent golfer, and knowing eagles are hard to come by, watching Tiger have 2 in 6 holes….ridiculous.  Then, the banks the golf ball off the flag like a Tim Duncan fadeaway jumper off the glass.  Who is this guy?  Not to mention, the man was playing in his first tournament since he had his knee surgically repaired.  I mean, is there a cape underneath the Sunday red?

Props go to Rocco Mediate.  For those that missed it, Rocco Mediate took Tiger to the ropes.  In fact, because they tied in “regulation”, they had to play an additional 18 holes.  Most thought Rocco would fold under the pressure and spotlight.  Wrong again!  Rocco put it to Tiger and it ended up going into sudden death with both players shooting an even par 71.  Can you imagine playing 91 holes, and on the 91st hole you lose by one stroke to miss out on a once in a lifetime U.S. Open title?  Oh death, where is thy sting?  That would be hard to take.  That half a mill that he put in his pocket should ice the wound a bit.

Well, those that witnessed it, you witnessed history.  Tiger Woods is one of those athletes that come around once in a generation.  Michael Jordan, The Bret Favre,  and Wayne Gretzky are all of yesterday.  With the exception of Lebron James, we are witnessing our generation’s athletic phenomenon.

Back from the NYC

Lessons Learned from a Missions Trip to NYC & Schroon Lake

  1. Airport Security is downright redunkulous.  Did you know you have to pack a ziploc bag with your toiletries?  And they took my water.  Somewhere in Columbus an airport security person had a nice lemon flavored water on me.  Your Welcome. 
  2. Prayer is important – First of all, if you have ever driven in NYC you know what I’m sayin here.  Second of all, it shouldn’t take a missions trip to make us understand the meaning of “Pray without Ceasing”.
  3. The mosquitos in New York populate like rabbits.  I thought I was going to have to lose my right leg since most doctors would think it was leprosy….nope just 25 mosquito bites.  NO EXAGGERATION.
  4. Being on a work trip was just another reminder that God has not called me to a vocation of manual labor.  My bicep size should be reason enough, but it good to have spiritual backing.
  5. Watching your youth group work together and work harder than Ryan Seacrest in the entertainment business….priceless.
  6. Being away from the fam is tough.  It’s amazing, the screaming baby on the plane or in the restaurant doesn’t make you want to stick a fork in your forearm…it makes you miss your baby girl.
  7. Allergens are not nearly as strong in New York as in Ohio…Upon arriving to Ohio, my nostrils sensed the climate change and have not stopped producing large amounts of snot since then.
  8. Steve Green isn’t the only one that can sing People need the Lord.
  9. Apparently airlines do not need to inform you your flight has been moved to the next day.  That was a lesson learned the hard way.
  10. When you win spiritual battles, Satan’s army will be in full force.  So please pray for us!