Back from the NYC

Lessons Learned from a Missions Trip to NYC & Schroon Lake

  1. Airport Security is downright redunkulous.  Did you know you have to pack a ziploc bag with your toiletries?  And they took my water.  Somewhere in Columbus an airport security person had a nice lemon flavored water on me.  Your Welcome. 
  2. Prayer is important – First of all, if you have ever driven in NYC you know what I’m sayin here.  Second of all, it shouldn’t take a missions trip to make us understand the meaning of “Pray without Ceasing”.
  3. The mosquitos in New York populate like rabbits.  I thought I was going to have to lose my right leg since most doctors would think it was leprosy….nope just 25 mosquito bites.  NO EXAGGERATION.
  4. Being on a work trip was just another reminder that God has not called me to a vocation of manual labor.  My bicep size should be reason enough, but it good to have spiritual backing.
  5. Watching your youth group work together and work harder than Ryan Seacrest in the entertainment business….priceless.
  6. Being away from the fam is tough.  It’s amazing, the screaming baby on the plane or in the restaurant doesn’t make you want to stick a fork in your forearm…it makes you miss your baby girl.
  7. Allergens are not nearly as strong in New York as in Ohio…Upon arriving to Ohio, my nostrils sensed the climate change and have not stopped producing large amounts of snot since then.
  8. Steve Green isn’t the only one that can sing People need the Lord.
  9. Apparently airlines do not need to inform you your flight has been moved to the next day.  That was a lesson learned the hard way.
  10. When you win spiritual battles, Satan’s army will be in full force.  So please pray for us!


One thought on “Back from the NYC

  1. Nate says:

    Glad everything went ok, but yes, everyone knows that you have to pack any liquids in a separate bag, and you can’t take water past security. it’s a common fact!!

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