Golf History – Tiger Woods Wins With One Leg

Did anyone catch the U.S. Open this weekend?  Even those that would rather cut their toes off with a butter knife than watch golf, it had to catch their attention.  The magical round of golf that Tiger Woods had on Saturday was on primetime TV.  I truly believe there were thousands that instantly became golf fans due to his miraculous shots on the back nine late Saturday night.  At times, it was almost superhuman.  Being a fairly decent golfer, and knowing eagles are hard to come by, watching Tiger have 2 in 6 holes….ridiculous.  Then, the banks the golf ball off the flag like a Tim Duncan fadeaway jumper off the glass.  Who is this guy?  Not to mention, the man was playing in his first tournament since he had his knee surgically repaired.  I mean, is there a cape underneath the Sunday red?

Props go to Rocco Mediate.  For those that missed it, Rocco Mediate took Tiger to the ropes.  In fact, because they tied in “regulation”, they had to play an additional 18 holes.  Most thought Rocco would fold under the pressure and spotlight.  Wrong again!  Rocco put it to Tiger and it ended up going into sudden death with both players shooting an even par 71.  Can you imagine playing 91 holes, and on the 91st hole you lose by one stroke to miss out on a once in a lifetime U.S. Open title?  Oh death, where is thy sting?  That would be hard to take.  That half a mill that he put in his pocket should ice the wound a bit.

Well, those that witnessed it, you witnessed history.  Tiger Woods is one of those athletes that come around once in a generation.  Michael Jordan, The Bret Favre,  and Wayne Gretzky are all of yesterday.  With the exception of Lebron James, we are witnessing our generation’s athletic phenomenon.

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