How to Love Life In 2 Simple Steps

We live in a society that simply does not love life.  Many people out there do not like their job, house, car, and even spouse!  Is there a solution out there somewhere that can change all that?

There is!  In the Bible, in I Peter 3:10-11, it makes it clear how a person can love life.  It really is simple, and comes down to two steps.  Two steps that your mother may have yelled at you when you were growing up.  Here are the 2 steps to Love Life:  Watch Your Mouth & Look Where You Are Going.

It sounds so simple.  If you are using your mouth to build people up and to praise God, you will love your life.  Do you realize your lifetime is the only time you have to help people?  In heaven or hell, whatever your destination, you will not have the ability to do that.

Secondly, you need to look where you are going.  If you are following Jesus Christ, you will love your life.  There will be a higher purpose for you being on this earth.  You will always have someone loving you and lookng after you!  Why wouldn’t you want the creator of the universe looking after you?

So do yourself a favor, take a look at your life – are you depressed, lonely, or just hating life?  Then watch your mouth and look where you are going.  Love your life – it’s the only chance you are going to get!

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