What is wrong with the world?

Is this the end of Christianity in the New World?  Did we forget we left the church of England to start a new nation built on “In God We Trust”?  How quickly the tables have turned. 

You know when I hate watching the news, because it is just so depressing.  “Next, when we come back, a murder on 3rd street, a rape on Elm, and a robbery at the bank on Main…”  But you know what?!?!  Even the Christian news publications are beginning to be this way.  When I hear statements like:

·         70 percent, including a majority of all major Christian and non-Christian religious groups (except Mormons), agree that “many religions can lead to eternal life.”

·         U.N. referred to prostitutes as “commercial sex workers.” “This was the first meeting where homosexuality, prostitution and injection drug use was promoted as acceptable behaviors that should be protected,”

·         Some of the nation’s most offensive pornographers are preparing for the launch of the newer, faster and cheaper iPhone from Apple. That’s because it is expected to make pornography more accessible and more attractive.

It breaks my heart that this is where our nation is heading…or where our nation is may be a better statement.  We, speaking to the Christian church, need some victories.  We need more that will stand up in our government to laws that spit on Biblical principles, we need more students that will not be silent, and we need more Christians that will fight for what our nation was founded upon.

Is America a nation that follows the motto “In God We Trust”.  Unfortunately, it is more “In whatever god you follow, you should trust, and everyone should be okay with that” nation.  Time to stand up!

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