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Why is vacation important?

Read any stress reliever magazine, and you will be sure to find “vacation time” on the top ten list.  What makes vacation so important.  Well, if it helps, even the Almighty God Creator chose to take a vacation day following the 6 days of creation.  So, I I’d say that is a pretty good example to follow.  But why is so important?

Vacation takes you away from your normal routine.  Vacation provides a time for relaxation and refreshment.  Vacation provides additional family time that a normal work week just does not provide.  Vacation provides memories that last a lifetime. 

Vacation means “rest and freedom from any activity” in the Old English.  As a warning, make sure your vacation does not give you respite from your growth in your daily walk with God.  Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.

So let vacation be something that God created, God encourages, and God is honored.


What Causes Goosebumps?

According to Webster’s dictionary, goosebumps are caused by “cold, fear, or sudden excitement”.  What gives you goosebumps?  Do you get them when the underdog of the race soars to victory during the Olympic Games?  Or maybe you get them at the end of the movie, when the background music causes your eyes to well with water, and the protagonist triumphs after a long battle.  It could be you get goosebumps when you sit down and eat the most precious of delicacies…the Chipotle Burrito.

Well, let me just tell you that I have had a summer of goosebumps.  When I see teens step out of their comfort zone and tell someone about Christ for the first time in one of the most diverse cities on the planet.  Or when I walk by a room that is filled with children talking to caring adults about the one decision that will change their lives forever.  When I see my child light up the room with her smile when daddy comes home from work…those bumps on my skin are an indication of sudden joy given to me by the Lord God, and I am thankful for them.


Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is here!  If you would like to come, please check out and register online.  It starts tonight, and runs till friday.  The times are 6:30-8:30 and it is absolutely FREE!  This year we will be handing out FREE tickets to King’s Island, Coney Island, and Newport Aquarium as some of the prizes for the older kids!  The more days you come, the better chance of winning!

As a personal note, there is something about VBS, that makes me feel like a 7 year old.  I get so excited, maybe even more excited than some of the kids.  The games, the set design, the skits & puppets, FREE snacks…what could be better!  DON’T MISS OUT!  Hope to see you there tonight.

Christian Youth Response to a Postmodern World

If you are a Christian in the world today, you are beginning a precarious journey.  I say that, not because we are not safe in the hands of God (John 10:28-29), but because it is a dangerous trek that we will walk in the coming days.  If this was a physical journey, we would see a large mountain in our path that we must climb to reach the other side.  That mountain that we must climb is morality.

In a postmodern world, we face challenges in terms of morality.  A characteristic of a postmodern is a “whatever is right for me” attitude.  Relativism is sinking it’s teeth into the church as well.  I mean, does anyone read the Bible anymore?  Rules of doctrine in the “Christian” church are being thrown around like plastic balls in a McDonald’s Playplace.

Cedarville University did a great job at tackling this subject in a great DVD called “The Heart of the Matter”.  Dr. Bill Brown, the President of Cedarville University, presents a strong Biblical approach to a postmodern world.  He validates the importance of preparing youth with the knowledge of culture.  Youth today need to tackle the morality decline and not ride it like a roller coaster towards destruction.

So the question is, what is the proper response to this moral decline we see in society today?  The answer is simple, we go to the place where all the answers to this world “are given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16).  Face culture with a Biblical approach.

You want to respond to this world, you better read the Bible!  We need to go back to the Biblical response.  We can no longer allow society to move us, but allow God to movie in society.  So I plead with you, young people, don’t allow Christianity to be watered down and doctrinally weak.  Allow God’s Word to stand like a rock undaunted. 


Lesson from the Bachelorette

Before you hit that red X button in the upper right hand corner of your screen and go back to work, just hear me out.  There truly is a lesson here from the Bachelorette.


Each season I am dragged into watching, or at least the TV is turned to (while I read a magazine or my devotions) the Bachelor.  Each season it ends the same way pretty much.  Guy kisses a lot of girls, chooses a girl in the end…they break up and we never hear from them again.


However, with the Bachelorette there is a different tune that is sung.  The only other season of the female version of “pick your mate” ended in marriage.  This season, as announced last night, there is going to be a wedding for sure.


So what is the difference?  Why does the Bachelor never end up happily ever after?  Why does the Bachelor’s number one pick end like the career of Ryan Leaf?  (Who is Ryan Leaf…exactly)


Here is the reason…Women pick with their heart.  Before you say I am being sexist here, I realize there are men out there that follow this as well.  However, look at the track record here.  The Bachelor is being shutout by the Bachelorette.


Look at this past season.  The most oddball of them all.  The guy that chose to wear jeans and pink shoelaces was the one that ended up with the girl.  Why?  Because the girl chose with her heart, not with her eyes.  She chose based on personality, values, and respectfulness. 


The most important connection a man and wife should have is not with the lips, but is with the heart.  So if you are dating, learn the lesson from this awful show.  Allow God to direct you and don’t just choose the best looking…choose the best LIVING.

Top 5 Things Not to Do at a Wedding…

At a wedding today, so I thought this was appropriate…

  1. Sing “Here comes the bride, all fat and wide” to the person next to you as the music plays.
  2. Ask the waiter for ketchup at the rehearsal dinner (did that last night…apparently it’s a rude thing to do…not in my house)
  3. When the minister says “Speak now or forever hold your peace” – that is a really bad time to yawn and stretch
  4. Get in a rumble over the bouquet or garter belt (or whatever it’s called). Yeah, I caught one of those before, didn’t know what to do with it, so I gave it back. What is the proper etiquette there? I just felt as awkward as a peacock with a haircut.
  5. Act like your on “The Bachelor” and seek out your soul mate…cuz chances are you are related to half the selections.

Things I Love – Part 2

  1. Ketchup – How could I forget you on the last list?  It was like leaving my brother in Argentina for the winter.
  2. The Color Blue – It has become a bit of a problem…every shirt I buy is blue.  Makes wearing blue jeans more difficult.  Man, do I sound like a girl.
  3. Ohio State Football – My other teams are the Buffalo Bills & Florida Marlins…and now you know why I look forward to the Buckeyes.  No other place is like the “shoe”.  I hope to get tickets to the big game this year (hint, hint, dad….I love you!)
  4. Vacation Bible School – Check it out!  Ever since my first battle of Girls vs. Boys as a VBS helper…it has all been downhill from there.  Now, it is the battle not to be in the dunk tank.  Lord, keep me dry.
  5. Comic Book Movies – I’m nearly peeing my pants in anticipation of Dark Knight.  Some are already screaming oscar for Heath Ledger.  And Spiderman & X-Men did not disappoint…next on my list is Iron-man, which I hear was amazing.  Yes, I am 10 years old.