Daily Archives: July 2, 2008

Things I Love – Part 2

  1. Ketchup – How could I forget you on the last list?  It was like leaving my brother in Argentina for the winter.
  2. The Color Blue – It has become a bit of a problem…every shirt I buy is blue.  Makes wearing blue jeans more difficult.  Man, do I sound like a girl.
  3. Ohio State Football – My other teams are the Buffalo Bills & Florida Marlins…and now you know why I look forward to the Buckeyes.  No other place is like the “shoe”.  I hope to get tickets to the big game this year (hint, hint, dad….I love you!)
  4. Vacation Bible School – Check it out!  Ever since my first battle of Girls vs. Boys as a VBS helper…it has all been downhill from there.  Now, it is the battle not to be in the dunk tank.  Lord, keep me dry.
  5. Comic Book Movies – I’m nearly peeing my pants in anticipation of Dark Knight.  Some are already screaming oscar for Heath Ledger.  And Spiderman & X-Men did not disappoint…next on my list is Iron-man, which I hear was amazing.  Yes, I am 10 years old.