Daily Archives: July 8, 2008

Lesson from the Bachelorette

Before you hit that red X button in the upper right hand corner of your screen and go back to work, just hear me out.  There truly is a lesson here from the Bachelorette.


Each season I am dragged into watching, or at least the TV is turned to (while I read a magazine or my devotions) the Bachelor.  Each season it ends the same way pretty much.  Guy kisses a lot of girls, chooses a girl in the end…they break up and we never hear from them again.


However, with the Bachelorette there is a different tune that is sung.  The only other season of the female version of “pick your mate” ended in marriage.  This season, as announced last night, there is going to be a wedding for sure.


So what is the difference?  Why does the Bachelor never end up happily ever after?  Why does the Bachelor’s number one pick end like the career of Ryan Leaf?  (Who is Ryan Leaf…exactly)


Here is the reason…Women pick with their heart.  Before you say I am being sexist here, I realize there are men out there that follow this as well.  However, look at the track record here.  The Bachelor is being shutout by the Bachelorette.


Look at this past season.  The most oddball of them all.  The guy that chose to wear jeans and pink shoelaces was the one that ended up with the girl.  Why?  Because the girl chose with her heart, not with her eyes.  She chose based on personality, values, and respectfulness. 


The most important connection a man and wife should have is not with the lips, but is with the heart.  So if you are dating, learn the lesson from this awful show.  Allow God to direct you and don’t just choose the best looking…choose the best LIVING.