Daily Archives: July 26, 2008

Why is vacation important?

Read any stress reliever magazine, and you will be sure to find “vacation time” on the top ten list.  What makes vacation so important.  Well, if it helps, even the Almighty God Creator chose to take a vacation day following the 6 days of creation.  So, I I’d say that is a pretty good example to follow.  But why is so important?

Vacation takes you away from your normal routine.  Vacation provides a time for relaxation and refreshment.  Vacation provides additional family time that a normal work week just does not provide.  Vacation provides memories that last a lifetime. 

Vacation means “rest and freedom from any activity” in the Old English.  As a warning, make sure your vacation does not give you respite from your growth in your daily walk with God.  Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.

So let vacation be something that God created, God encourages, and God is honored.