Teen Choice Awards: Jonas Brothers or Jesus Followers?

Jonas brothers!  Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!  Recently, FOX aired the 2008 Teen Choice Awards.  And each time those two words “Jonas Brothers” were uttered, an enormous shockwave of verbal exclamations came from the young crowd.  I’m serious.  It was like an Oprah giveaway show.

FOX was so smart though.  They knew who the main consumers of America are.  The FOX associates were well aware the average teen watches close to 40 hours of television a week.  Don’t take my word for it.  Just look at who is making headlines in celebrity-dom right now.  It’s not the Temptations or the Beach Boys people; it is teenagers that are the common choice in iPods of tweens and teenagers.  Rather than the Beatles & Rolling Stones of yesteryear, it is now the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana.  Let me tell you something, the screams that were made for these curly haired brother trio rivals the noise made on that first appearance the Beatles made on the Ed Sullivan show.

When I thought about this, I couldn’t help but link this to youth ministry.  What is making the teens excited about church today?  When was the last time the teens in your youth group screamed about Jesus, or almost fainted from excitement about an upcoming activity or event?  Hopefully it has been in this millennia.  If not, what are we missing?

Listen, do we know that the teens are what is driving the church of tomorrow?  Television understands this.  Why can’t the church?  If given the choice, would your youth group choose church over a Jonas Brother’s or Fergie concert? 

Here is my hypothesis solution.  No, I know what you are thinking.  I am not setting the youth room up like a rock concert.  And no, I’m not wearing a V-neck t-shirt with a tight-pant polyester suit to Sunday School.  But this is what I am going to do:  

1.     Get teenagers excited about Jesus Christ.  The One that can transform lives, forgive sins, and love the unlovable.  Can any Hills star come close to that introduction?

2.     With Hannah Montana promoting “Best of Both Worlds”, I want to present a freedom philosophy.  The world wants these teens to live, act, and dress a certain way.  What kind of freedom is that?  Living a life pleasing to God is the only way.  Why be a slave to culture, when you can be a servant to the Almighty Creator.

3.     Finally, present the Christian life as more exciting than a rock concert, more rewarding than a record deal, and more thrilling than meeting a celebrity.  There is nothing like it here on earth, because the life that comes from Christ is the life that will last forever.


3 thoughts on “Teen Choice Awards: Jonas Brothers or Jesus Followers?

  1. morgs says:

    you should write a book.
    this was really good! it gives you like a different look on things! i like it:)
    did golf digest respond yet??

  2. morgs says:

    oh yeah.
    mom at small groups was sharing and it was kinda like this only with the olympics. and it was about this guy who was so determined to get a gold medal for his country. and he would endure the pain and suffering from practicing and everything and he would go his hardest to please his country and be so determined to win the gold medal for his country. and how that connects to us at christians that we need to be determined to please God and have that passion for God as he had that passion to get the gold medal. and it puts us in a spot to think..are we on fire for God and have a passion for Him to do whatever it takes to please Him through the pain and suffering?
    so yeah it made me think about what she said when i read this!

  3. Connie says:

    The only good thing about the Jonas Brothers phenomenon is that they are getting a lot of press for their faith and the fact that they wear promise rings. At least if my daughters are going to be interested in them I know the Bros have solid values behind the scenes … not something I can say about the majority of popular entertainers today.

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