Developing a Youth or Student Ministry Mission Statement

1.      Pray.  First things you want to do is ask God for help.  The minute you think this is YOUR plan and not GOD’S plan, you are setting yourself up for a big nose dive into failure.  Allow God to give you HIS vision and follow that.  This is done through prayer, meditation on God’s Word, and Godly counsel.

2.      Establish Reachable Goals.  Once you have “caught the vision”, set goals that can be reached.  It is unrealistic to have a mission statement that says “Here at John Doe Youth Ministry, we desire to have events that will attract thousands of teens, evangelize 200 people every day, love Jesus every second, and serve across the world”.  Rather, it should read “Here at John Doe Youth Ministry, we desire to have effective programs that promote spiritual growth, evangelize the lost, worship the Lord God, and encourage service to God’s people and the community”.

3.      Don’t Stretch The Truth.  If you do not plan having evangelism as part of your ministry, don’t put it down on your mission statement to make it look good.  Or if service is not a thrust in your ministry, don’t act like it is with a statement.  Make your mission statement reflect what God has laid out for you, and what you actually do!

4.      Cast the Vision.  Don’t make it a secret.  Make your students, parents, and leaders know and memorize the purposes of your ministry.  The old saying “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it everytime”.  Make sure everyone that takes part in this ministry knows why it exists!  Some may think it is just there to keep out of trouble, or a place for teens to go during “big church” time.  Youth ministry is so much more than that!  You know that, so tell them, and get them pumped at the goals of the ministry.

5.      Pray some more.  Keep God in this.  Don’t just cast your line and walk away.  Allow God to help you stay with your “pole” and reel in some amazing spiritual victories.

Update:  Check out Developing a Youth or Student Ministry Mission Statement Part II


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5 thoughts on “Developing a Youth or Student Ministry Mission Statement

  1. Ray Deck III says:

    I really appreciate what you said about “reachable” goals. That is an oft’ overlooked detail. I am a part of a ministry that recently set some unreachable goals. It wasn’t pretty.

    Good insights.

  2. Lee says:

    Jeff, don’t know if you remember me but i know you through Ken Lorow. I work at Calvary Baptist up in Bellefontaine. I just saw your article on Life in Student Ministry and was excited to see someone I knew on there. Small world. Anyway. Great stuff man, keep up the good work.

  3. Olukotun, Debo says:

    Thanks for this timely writing. My vision is to teach teens/youth in the way of God (Proverbs 22v 6). To have a centre where i can develop for the purpose. To be able to go from place to place teaching with projectors and modern, attractive teaching aids. Pls need your counsel still on vision and mission statement writing and any other support and advise. God bless your ministry.

  4. kay says:

    I absolutely love this, especially the beginning that says to pray. Thank you so much. As Proverbs 3:6 says “In all my ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct my Path.

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