Celebrities & Politics

It bothers me when celebrities use their status to push their political views. For example, Mr. Matt Damon lost some popularity points when he bashed Sarah Palin for having a Creationist view. Frankly, it would be much easier to bash someone that believed our ancestors had a banana diet and threw poo at each other. Damon calls this choice “A really bad Disney movie” and calls the Vice Presidential pick “absurd”. He goes on to ridicule her ever thinking that dinosaurs were on this earth 4,000 years ago.

This was just the icing on the cake. Celebrities are wearing shirts on shows that say “Barack the Vote” or an Air Jordan t-shirt with Obama in the background. Are you serious? What is next, a link between John McClain on Die Hard and the Presidential candidate from Arizona? The sad thing is that people are actually swayed by Oprah’s picks and celebrity interviews on YouTube.

First of all, anyone ridiculing the Creator God and his amazing creation is a hard pill to swallow, but abusing your celebrity status to promote your political views does not make sense. I’ve realized now that this site and my position as a pastor are not even modes to promote a certain political leader. I believe that is someone’s personal choice. However, it is my calling and purpose to promote Biblical mandates that are set in Scripture and to encourage people to vote according to what God’s Word says. I will continue to use my Bible as my leg to stand on, not how many millions I brought in at the box office.

2 thoughts on “Celebrities & Politics

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  2. Nate says:

    actually i don’t think celebrities opinion’s matters as much as they think it does. remember 4 years ago when all the celebrities and hollywood were backing john kerry all the time??? how’d that work out for them?? so even though their opinions get the pub…i dont think anybody actually listens to them that actually votes…

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