Lesson On Student Leadership/Importance of Discipleship

As I drove to work this morning, hoping we had power in the office, I listened to sports radio hoping for a sports update to satisfy my craving.  What I heard was a lesson on student leadership.

The conversation I heard was about control in the lockerroom.  One 1530 in Cincinnati, the guest claimed Tony Dungy or Billicheck have no control of their players in the lockerroom.  While I found that hard to believe, the next statement made it make sense.  He went on to say, the player leaders have control.

The lesson here is not that professional players do not listen to coaches, only the sound of more money padding their bank account.  No, the point is there are players that perform, work hard, and lead by example.  And I thought, this is the key to student leadership!  These teens will not always listen to me, but they will listen to their peers.  Peers that lead by example, other students that have been discipled by their youth leaders and are now an extension of the Biblical leadership set in place.

Great teams have great leaders like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.  They may not always listen to their coaches but they will listen to those players when they open their mouths.  Great youth groups have great leaders.  It is your job to find them, disciple them, give them the play calls, and bring your youth ministry to the next level.

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