Top 10 “Bad Habits You Develop When The Wife is Away”

  1. Seat up, no flush, etc. – No detail needed here, you get the point.
  2. “Dish Towel Napkin” – The dish towel gains multifaceted use. It is used as a napkin, potholder for microwaved meals, and of course as a dish towel used 5 minutes before your wife arrives home.
  3. Sleeping diagonally
  4. Watching 5 TV shows in a half hour period.
  5. Hot pockets become a 3 course meal – let’s see 3 hotpockets at 2 minutes in the microwave a piece, that’s only 6 minute prep time for your dinner!
  6. Parking in the middle of the 2 car garage…luxury of not squeezing out your driver side door like a toothpaste out of the tube.
  7. Quick nap at night before the “long nap”.
  8. Smells.  Nuf said.
  9. Pajamas left on the nightstand – it’s just so convenient.
  10. The Works:  Unmade bed, coasters??, closing mouth while chewing, etc.

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