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Bible Characters or Superhero Cartoons?

Sometimes we think of Bible times characters as like cartoons or superheroes.  Let me explain myself.  I have a deep appreciation and full belief in the absolute truth of Scripture, but sometimes I don’t think of Paul, Moses, or Gideon as regular Joe’s (yes, not even Joseph was a regular Joe).  This belief is even more so in light of the children of Scripture.  Last night, I heard a missionary speaker speak on the faith of Moses’ mother to place her baby down the river.  Maybe it is because we know the ending to the story, that Moses became the leader of the Israelites.  But we forget that she had to hide the little baby for the first 3 months of her life.  Um…those of us that have little ones, can you imagine trying to hide your baby for even 3 minutes.  The screaming, the crying, the pooing, the everything else that babies do.  We don’t think of that!

Or even Jesus as a baby…I struggle at times to get my daughter in a car seat.  How about traveling by donkey through the desert quietly to save your babies life?  And I’m sure the feeding time was a little difficult for Mary, when Similac was not available in some special compartment underneath the donkey or camel.

Or what about King Joash who was king at age 7 years old?  Do you know of any 2nd graders that would be good candidates for this position?  Again, we just don’t think of that?  Or do we think of the story the young boy with the 5 loaves and 2 fishes told when he got home?  Sure, we need to marvel at Christ’s miraculous provision, but also think of how this little boy had the story of a lifetime.

Maybe it is just me, but this was a bit of a revelation to me.  Maybe it is because I have a child now.  But God was able to use little toddlers and children to show His amazing provision and power.  We serve a wonderful Lord, and sometimes it takes a drooling child to shine more light on that glorious fact.

5th Quarter Party Flyers

When making a 5th quarter party flyer, there are few things to consider.  Now, I am by no means a graphic designer, but here are few tips:

  1. Just the Facts – Don’t put your church’s website, size of your congregation, how many Cheddar & Sour Cream Ruffles Chips available, etc.  Just put the facts they need to know:  5th quarter party, time, location.
  2. Church? – You may not want to put your church name on the flyer.  No, I’m not ashamed, but they may see church as a red flag before you can even get a word out.
  3. Use the word FREE – Students like free things…really who doesn’t?  Make sure they know this party is FREE, and tell them what they could be getting.
  4. Half-sheets – Be cost effective.
  5. Students Only – Don’t let leaders hand them out.  First of all, it’s creepy to some parents to see an adult male handing out flyers to teenagers to a party.  Second, this is the student’s party, let them get people to come.
  6. Example:                                                                                                                                                  NEED SOMEWHERE TO GO AFTER THE GAME?                                                                                                                                                                                                        5th Quarter Party


(AFTER the game-Doors open at 9:30PM)

Free food & prizes

 1311 NAGEL RD.

CINCINNATI, Ohio 45255

  1. Below is a picture you can use from clipart that would work perfectly for a background.  You can get more ideas here.

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Can someone tell me where these giant mosquitos are coming from?!?  They are everywhere.  I’m talking like Jurassic Park mosquitos.

Website Review – MUST for youth workers & parents

How many of you would like to recieve stories of youth culture come to your email each week?   How would you like to have a team of workers produce research on relevant youth topics that will help you bridge the generation gap between you and your students?  If you said no to each of these questions, then it is time to hit the want ads or rethink your parenting style.  To relate to this generation and begin to understand them takes hard work and sometimes, yes, you may even have to read.  You cannot do this on your own, and it is not wrong to get Biblical advice and also know what your child or student is facing in their world.  Check out this site for help in raising the next generation of leaders:  Center For Parent and Youth Understanding

Internet Bible

It was intriguing to me when I recently read an article in Collide Magazine about the digital Bible.  Those words or internet Bible began to worry me like the words Eco-friendly Bible.  Although I chose not to purchase a Bible bound by tree bark and written on papyrus reeds, I did check out this “internet Bible”.  So far I’m pretty impressed.  It basically is a modern, ever-changing commentary on the Bible.   It is a place where you can find illustrations, commentary, and articles from others wanting to help you with your understanding of Scripture.  You can liken this experience to an interactive Bible study with friends and believers any time of the day as long as a modem or wireless card is nearby.  Sure, you need to weed out those that use this site as a platform instead of encouragement, and those that may stretch their interpretation limits need to be ignored…but still what an idea and concept in a world where Facebook and Myspace dominate our internet fascination.  Why not bring that idea into a spiritual realm…I present to you YOUVERSION.  Check it out, and let me know what you think.

5th Quarter – Fifth Quarter Party Ideas for Youth Ministry

Here is a free, already assembled kit to build a 5th Quarter Party for your Youth Ministry:

  1. Planning
    a. Determine location – needs to be close to church, need to have students from your ministry that attend that school
    b. Contact School – Find out game prices, locate home game schedule, get permission to announce party at game
    c. Contact Student Organizations – FCA, Student Venture, etc. will all help you get the word out
    d. Contact Speaker – while you may be capable of speaking at the event, your mind will be in a 1,000 places so you will want a speaker (Also may want a band too)
    e. Food & Prizes – Begin planning food donations early, Contact local business for crowd-drawing prizes
    f. Assign Youth Leaders – Assign your youth leaders to various tasks such as Food Coordinator, Prize Coordinator, Game Leaders, Etc.
    g. Draw a map of your facility – Plan out where each event/game will take place
  2. Games & Activities
    a. Produce a Mix CD – Popular Christian music mix that keep the party up
    b. Quarterback/Long-snapper Challenge – Can be done with hula-hoops as targets, be creative
    c. Free Pedicures – Girls need something too
    d. Paper Football Tournament – How could I resist?
    e. XBOX – Get the Madden ready
    f. Mini-Football Game – Half the gym with cones works well – play non-contact with similar rules to “Ultimate Frisbee” but use a football instead
    g. Prize Table – Use this also as your registration
  3. Spiritual Aspect
    a. Encourage students to invite friends before game
    b. At game – use flyers for students to invite friends and peers (here are some ideas on how to make the flyer)
    c. Speaker must present clear gospel presentation
    d. Counselors ready – After invitation of speaker have counselors ready to answer questions and provide Gospels of John or Bibles to those that made decisions
    e. Follow-up – Have students follow-up too! Use myspace, facebook, email…anything to contact the students to get them to come back.
  4. Miscellaneous
    a. Make sure there is enough food for everyone that “could” attend
    b. Be Advised – There will be a time restraint if you typically cut off at Midnight – most games will not finish till at least 9:30 or 10pm – SO BE ORGANIZED IN YOUR SCHEDULE
  5. Schedule Example:
    5:00 – leaders meet with Speaker
    5:15 – students arrive
    5:15-45 – prayer & student training
    5:45-6:00 – leave for game
    6-6:15 – arrive at game
    9:30 – doors open for 5th quarter
    9:30-10:30 – food served & games played
    10:30ish – speaker & giveaway!
    11ish – invitation & counsel time
    11-12ish – party time
  6. Need more ideas – check out this blog article for more 5th quarter ideas!
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Free Journal of Youth Culture

Check it out. CPYU has offered their magazine/newsletter for free for readers to check out and use. What an opportunity and a great resource of information. Click Here