5th Quarter – Fifth Quarter Party Ideas for Youth Ministry

Here is a free, already assembled kit to build a 5th Quarter Party for your Youth Ministry:

  1. Planning
    a. Determine location – needs to be close to church, need to have students from your ministry that attend that school
    b. Contact School – Find out game prices, locate home game schedule, get permission to announce party at game
    c. Contact Student Organizations – FCA, Student Venture, etc. will all help you get the word out
    d. Contact Speaker – while you may be capable of speaking at the event, your mind will be in a 1,000 places so you will want a speaker (Also may want a band too)
    e. Food & Prizes – Begin planning food donations early, Contact local business for crowd-drawing prizes
    f. Assign Youth Leaders – Assign your youth leaders to various tasks such as Food Coordinator, Prize Coordinator, Game Leaders, Etc.
    g. Draw a map of your facility – Plan out where each event/game will take place
  2. Games & Activities
    a. Produce a Mix CD – Popular Christian music mix that keep the party up
    b. Quarterback/Long-snapper Challenge – Can be done with hula-hoops as targets, be creative
    c. Free Pedicures – Girls need something too
    d. Paper Football Tournament – How could I resist?
    e. XBOX – Get the Madden ready
    f. Mini-Football Game – Half the gym with cones works well – play non-contact with similar rules to “Ultimate Frisbee” but use a football instead
    g. Prize Table – Use this also as your registration
  3. Spiritual Aspect
    a. Encourage students to invite friends before game
    b. At game – use flyers for students to invite friends and peers (here are some ideas on how to make the flyer)
    c. Speaker must present clear gospel presentation
    d. Counselors ready – After invitation of speaker have counselors ready to answer questions and provide Gospels of John or Bibles to those that made decisions
    e. Follow-up – Have students follow-up too! Use myspace, facebook, email…anything to contact the students to get them to come back.
  4. Miscellaneous
    a. Make sure there is enough food for everyone that “could” attend
    b. Be Advised – There will be a time restraint if you typically cut off at Midnight – most games will not finish till at least 9:30 or 10pm – SO BE ORGANIZED IN YOUR SCHEDULE
  5. Schedule Example:
    5:00 – leaders meet with Speaker
    5:15 – students arrive
    5:15-45 – prayer & student training
    5:45-6:00 – leave for game
    6-6:15 – arrive at game
    9:30 – doors open for 5th quarter
    9:30-10:30 – food served & games played
    10:30ish – speaker & giveaway!
    11ish – invitation & counsel time
    11-12ish – party time
  6. Need more ideas – check out this blog article for more 5th quarter ideas!
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10 thoughts on “5th Quarter – Fifth Quarter Party Ideas for Youth Ministry

  1. jeff beckley says:

    well done sweatheart! you did a great job!

  2. Cody Mummau says:

    Hey! Great article. What are your thoughts of 5th quarter being held at the church in a fairly large fellowship hall. The church is less than 7 blocks from the school… Unless the school opens it’s gym to the gospel, it is the closest location.

    Thanks for the insight!

    • jeff beckley says:

      Sorry for the very late response. This is not a problem…it would be great to have it on church grounds, but I’ve never been able to accomplish that either. We have great success when it is at a student’s house. It seems the students feel more comfortable going there as opposed to church. Sad, but true. However, having it at the church provides you greater resources like audio/sound, large kitchen, paid janitor =)…I wouldn’t fret too much about it. Let me know if you have more questions. I’d be happy to help.

  3. jamie says:

    My highschool had 5th quarter on church grounds. it was wonderful. and probably the most fun i’ve ever had. the parents were also more comfortable with letting us go there because it was at a church instead of at someone’s house they knew there wouldnt be drinking

    • jeff beckley says:

      Thanks Jamie for the comments. There really are many ways to find a successful 5th Quarter Party. I’m glad yours is at church and I totally agree with the comfort level. We have had it at a parent’s house the last couple years and the students have been more comfortable with that. Hope the article was helpful.

  4. jeff beckley says:

    Reblogged this on Building Leaders of Tomorrow and commented:

    5th Quarter Party Ideas – Maybe you need some ideas last minute for tonight or your party coming up!

  5. […] and hoping for a great turnout from the big game.  If you need some help planning, check out this blog post and this one too.  Maybe your speaker cancelled on you, you need a back-up speaker plan, or you […]

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