Internet Bible

It was intriguing to me when I recently read an article in Collide Magazine about the digital Bible.  Those words or internet Bible began to worry me like the words Eco-friendly Bible.  Although I chose not to purchase a Bible bound by tree bark and written on papyrus reeds, I did check out this “internet Bible”.  So far I’m pretty impressed.  It basically is a modern, ever-changing commentary on the Bible.   It is a place where you can find illustrations, commentary, and articles from others wanting to help you with your understanding of Scripture.  You can liken this experience to an interactive Bible study with friends and believers any time of the day as long as a modem or wireless card is nearby.  Sure, you need to weed out those that use this site as a platform instead of encouragement, and those that may stretch their interpretation limits need to be ignored…but still what an idea and concept in a world where Facebook and Myspace dominate our internet fascination.  Why not bring that idea into a spiritual realm…I present to you YOUVERSION.  Check it out, and let me know what you think.

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