Bible Characters or Superhero Cartoons?

Sometimes we think of Bible times characters as like cartoons or superheroes.  Let me explain myself.  I have a deep appreciation and full belief in the absolute truth of Scripture, but sometimes I don’t think of Paul, Moses, or Gideon as regular Joe’s (yes, not even Joseph was a regular Joe).  This belief is even more so in light of the children of Scripture.  Last night, I heard a missionary speaker speak on the faith of Moses’ mother to place her baby down the river.  Maybe it is because we know the ending to the story, that Moses became the leader of the Israelites.  But we forget that she had to hide the little baby for the first 3 months of her life.  Um…those of us that have little ones, can you imagine trying to hide your baby for even 3 minutes.  The screaming, the crying, the pooing, the everything else that babies do.  We don’t think of that!

Or even Jesus as a baby…I struggle at times to get my daughter in a car seat.  How about traveling by donkey through the desert quietly to save your babies life?  And I’m sure the feeding time was a little difficult for Mary, when Similac was not available in some special compartment underneath the donkey or camel.

Or what about King Joash who was king at age 7 years old?  Do you know of any 2nd graders that would be good candidates for this position?  Again, we just don’t think of that?  Or do we think of the story the young boy with the 5 loaves and 2 fishes told when he got home?  Sure, we need to marvel at Christ’s miraculous provision, but also think of how this little boy had the story of a lifetime.

Maybe it is just me, but this was a bit of a revelation to me.  Maybe it is because I have a child now.  But God was able to use little toddlers and children to show His amazing provision and power.  We serve a wonderful Lord, and sometimes it takes a drooling child to shine more light on that glorious fact.

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