Thanksgiving Sermon Illustration

In 1539, Miles Coverdale supervised the printing of the Great Bible.  So ornate and elegant, these copies were chained to all church pulpits in England.  The popularity grew around this Bible where many people would gather around the pulpits eager to hear more from God’s Word.  In fact, the Bible became so popular among the people; regulations were established to limit the discussion among the people.

You read this and think to yourself, “These are the people that started our country”.  They were those that left the oppression of the Church of England to sail to the New World.  There were people that clung to their Bible because it was their prize possession. 

Not today, the Bible is not the prize possession in this country.  Working in a church, many Bibles that are left on Sunday are not missed until the pastor asks the congregation to turn to a passage and they realize they left their Bible on the coat rack by the gym last week.  Some Bibles end up in a “Bible graveyard” to be used in the youth room to give to visitors who didn’t bring a Bible.

Where is the eagerness of our people to read God’s Word like we saw in the late 1500’s where laws were passed to limit the discussion of God’s Word?  It wasn’t like today’s restriction laws that are passed for reasons of tolerance and the risk of offending other religions.  If the Ten Commandments in a classroom had to be taken down because the kids were discussing it too much, it would be one thing.  Or if a Bible needed to be taken out of a library because people spent too much time reading it, I wouldn’t be as upset.

I don’t mean for this illustration to turn into what sounds like an email forward petition.  But are you upset this country is taking away our Scriptures from public places?  Are you ashamed that we don’t think of our Bibles as our prize possessions?  Will we ever get back to discussing God’s Word so much that the government will consider restricting us?

So this Thanksgiving Day, thank God for His Holy Word.  And here’s a thought:  READ IT AND DISCUSS IT TOO!

One thought on “Thanksgiving Sermon Illustration

  1. Pastor Frank Smith says:

    This is an excellent point indeed. It shows a lack of love for God and an the increasing effect that Satan has on people in this hour. We are too busy with what we have going on and are forgetting that if it had not been for God who was on our side-where would we be? In this thanks-giving season we should be in a MODE of thankfullness. This means no matter what is going on in our lives we are still to be thankful. David said it this way, “I will bless the Lord at all times and his praises shall continuelly be in my mouth”. At a time when he was running for his life from Saul but he still took the time to be thankful. It is not based on how we feel but on who he is in our lives. He ultimatelely is El-Oheim our creator. So even though some may not take their bible seriously, that day is coming where every knee must bow and every tongue confess, a day when no man can work, a day of fire,brimstone and knashing of teeth. I don’t know about you but I’m thankful. Thankful that I have activity of my limbs, thankful for another day to give him praise, thankful that I’m not the person that I use to be, and thankful for the charge that God has placed on my life. So when we know who God really is in our lives, we can’t help but be thankful.

    Pastor Frank Smith

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