Winning Isn’t Everything…Unless You Are Talking About Professional Sports

What is it about sports that can cause us so much heartache and jubilation.  Mostly heartache for me being a Buffalo Bills fan.  But it is sports that causes us to paint our faces and chests, scream at the television as if the players could hear us as we call them by first names, and live and die by the toss of a oval shaped pigskin or shot of a leather bound sphere.

You try to teach your children or the next generation that winning isn’t everything, but then you see on the news the 6th NBA coach got fired this season, and they have yet to play 25 games!!  You try to teach your children values of an education, and college hoops programs are lucky to have star players for one year.  Now some are even skipping over that rule to play overseas.  You hope your child learn discipline and comraderie while playing team sports, but you got that barley-filled parent that won’t lay off the ump until they are tossed…and you want to say, I wish I could just watch one teeball game without this happening again.

Our church recently started a program called Upward Basketball, and it has been such a blessing.  The program teaches sportsmanship, encouragement of the refs and coaches, and even Biblical values.  You can’t get that at the YMCA!  I’ve never been a part of such an organized program as Upward, and what a way to reach out the community.  Being at a small church we started with around 80 kids.  In 2 years, the program has grown to 230!!

So find something like Upward to teach your kids that winning isn’t everything.  Bring back friendship, encouragement, and values to sports.  We need less athletes that are shooting themselves in the foot and more that are playing for the love of the game. Do even one better, instead of producing athletes that are turning down 10 mil a year, teach your children to be athletes that are turning away from the world and playing for the glory of God!

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