Movie Reviews

Bedtime Stories

If you are looking for a movie with an outstanding plot and over the top special effects…you won’t find it here. This movie is full of kid related humor, including a hamster with huge eyes that has gas. Great movie for the kids, but you may hear rumblings from your teenager. Cute story, good for some laughs and nice to not have to worry about violence or cussing.

Grade: B-

The Dark Night

May be a little bias here, because I have to admit I saw this on opening night with my batman mask on…however, I will give you honest opinions. This is not safe for children like a comic book would be. This movie has violence and is very dark at times. The hype surrounding of Heath Ledger’s performance was not in vain. He deserved all the awards that he certainly will win. If you are looking for a non-stop thriller leaving you on the edge of your seat, here you go! Beware of dark themes and violence.

Grade: A-


The beginning is a bit disappointing, because the cursing is a bit much in the outset. I guess I wasn’t really ready for it. The movie is unique, full of twists, and provides a relief from the normal everyday movie. Some were disappointed, but I actually enjoyed this rollercoaster of a film. Great action flick that was pretty clean, outside of the foul language primarily in the outset of the movie.

Grade: B


This movie, considered by some as one of the greatest sci-fi films in the past 10 years, may have given me too high of expectations. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great heroic thriller, but I thought there would be more. Do me a favor, when you see it, don’t go into the movie with super high expectations. The special effects and action were fun to watch. Warning: the main character is a bit of a playboy and has a small scene of sensuality. Not quite as clean as Spiderman or Pirates of the Carribean, but has just as much action and the older kids should enjoy.

Grade: B+

Hope this helps. Like to hear from you too!

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