2009 Student/Youth Ministry Goals

These are 10 goals that I have set for 2009. Your ministry is perfectly designed to get the results you’re getting (Andy Stanley) Pray, make goals, and allow God to transform lives. Here are some goals for 2009:

  1. Parent Meetings – While some ministries are able to do more, sometimes getting everyone together is like catching a cold in a hair net. The purpose is not strictly information, but is desined for parental support – youth culture updates, parent prayer partners, and discussion.
  2. Equip – Ephesians 4:12 is clear on equipping others for ministry. You can’t do it all! Time will be spent this year equipping youth leaders to do the work of the ministry, equip parents to minister at home, and equip students to serve and evangelize their friends.
  3. Birthday Cards – Lame. I know that was the word that came to your mind. But I’ll give it a try this year as another way to encourage and connect to these students.
  4. Discipleship – Will this be the year where this youth ministry is discipleship-driven, not event-driven?
  5. Student Leadership
  6. Upgrades – Both the 6th grade initiation and 12th grade graduation need improvements. Make it memorable!
  7. Stay Relevant – Reading Relevant Magazine is not enough, although it is a great start. Subscribe to the CPYU email, read YouthWorker Journal, ace this quiz….and the list goes on.
  8. Use Multimedia and Illustrations – If you are still arguing that teenagers just need a good teaching of the Bible, without the use of video, powerpoint, youtube (God Tube too!), dvd curriculum or some interaction of some kind, you need to wake up and smell the blu-ray disc.
  9. Growth by Conversion – While getting fresh Christians into youth group that may have moved, it is event more refreshing to build numbers through salvation of new believers. Lord that is my prayer that you will give us both!
  10. Paint the Youth Room Floor – If you saw it, you’d understand.

Good luck with your goals, and make sure you have some. Remember, if you aim at nothing, you will hit is every time!

One thought on “2009 Student/Youth Ministry Goals

  1. I posted about the same subject not too long ago. It is so important to set goals for the upcoming year. I am eagerly anticipating 2009! Thanks for your post…hit me up if you get a chance.

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