Intergenerational Youth Ministry

Much has been said about producing youth ministry that is “intergenerational”.  This seems to be the answer from some “youth experts” to produce young people that will be the next generation of leaders in the church…when most churches are just struggling to keep these graduating students to remain in church.  Most of the concepts make sense and should be considered in the least.  I wouldn’t label it as THE answer for the mass departure of students from church after high school, but I think it deserves the title as one of the solutions.

Here is an example of the an article that encourages the intergenerational youth ministry.  Personally, I will do my best to fulfill the majority of these goals.  What about you?  Do you consider this model to be appropriate for youth ministry?  Here are some questions I’d like to highlight from the article:

Like a family business, who will take this over when we are gone?

What is our ultimate legacy?

What do we want to be known for?

How do we develop more relationships?

How do we know we are successful?  What is the fruit we are looking for?

Some good questions for all of us to at least consider.  Let me know your thoughts.

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