Katie Perry & Today’s Teenager

I’m not trying to cause this pop star more heartache, as that famous sign did.  However, much can be learned from Katie Perry’s experiences and where youth culture has been headed for the last 50 years. 

We know from the studies and surveys that young people are leaving the church.  Katie Perry, who used to be a Christian artist, is just another example.  Youth ministries are comprised of young people searching for answers, searching for authenticity, and searching to be known.  In this interview with Katie Couric, two powerful statements are said that reveal a sad commentary on our present youth ministry state. 

First, the producer of her album, in order for her to sell, told her to “rebel against what you know”.  What a statement!  This is the world speaking to your teens.  In order to be sucessful in the world, you are going to have to rebel at some point to what you know, and what you’ve been taught it Sunday school, youth group, or Sunday service.  And that is what these students are doing!  Pop culture dominates their thoughts, video games dominate their time, and the entertainment world dictacts their actions.  God is waiting on the outside, and we need to help let Him into the picture.

Finally, have you heard the words “I’ll start reading the Bible when I’m older” or “I’m just having fun now, when I grow up I’ll do all that boring stuff”.  In this interview, we hear “came from this, and you can always come back to it”.  Many of those teenagers in youth ministries across the country know the truth, they just choose to live another way.  I’m not in a position to judge Katie Perry because I don’t know her personally.  But her words are heard in youth rooms everywhere…and teens need to know simply knowing about Jesus is not enough.  Giving up on Jesus can earn you a grammy, but giving your life to Him, now that deserves an award.

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