Should a Youth Pastor be Ordained?

Good question.  Should an assistant pastor, student pastor, youth pastor…or whatever title you have at your church….be ordained?  Depends on how serious you take that position – Do you view the youth pastor as a less important member of the staff?  Is he the junior to the senior pastor?  Or maybe your thoughts are that the youth pastor position is a stepping stone to the senior pastor position.

If you are a youth pastor or youth leader, these questions probably make you cringe, angry, or smirk.  You know the battles you face as a youth pastor…you know that there needs to be more people to battle in the trenches for the hearts and souls of these young people that are turning their back on the church at an alarming rate.

So my answer…YES.  I do think a youth pastor needs to be ordained.  I do believe a youth pastor needs to be taken seriously, utilized in church vision, and devoted to his craft.  We need more student ministers that are commited to youth ministry…what better way to show your commitment than to be ordained.  It was not an easy process, but two weeks ago I made that commitment and was ordained.  Will you be next?

2 thoughts on “Should a Youth Pastor be Ordained?

  1. Brian says:

    In my opinion It’s up to the youth pastor. I have been ordained by God and it is up to me whether to seek the approval of men for something God has already done. When my church called me, they were recognizing the calling already on my life.

    With that said, whether ordained or not, the position of youth pastor should be accorded the same respect as any other pastoral position.

    As a 13-year veteran of student ministry, I cannot count how many times I have been treated as a “lesser pastor”, been called “junior pastor”, heard the words “you’re just a youth pastor” or been told to do things no one would think of telling another pastor to do.

  2. Pastor Aarron says:

    Sounds like someone is eager to sit on the other side of the interrogation table, ha ha.

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