Monthly Archives: April 2009

Are You a God Salesman?

If you were selling to God to your students, would any of them want to buy?  If this was a retail business, would you be recieving any commission, or even worse, would you get fired for your lack of productivity?

Now I realize that ministry is not all about numbers…but how many new customers have you brought into your “store”?  How about your regular customers, are they willing to buy new products or upgrade what they already purchased?  Or do you have a whole bunch of browsers, who are simply “just looking”, ready to exit the “store” and move on to something more important?

I think I’ve made it pretty clear with my illustration here, although our churches should not be run like businesses, there are some similarities.  Think about what I am saying here.  How much growth has happened in your church due to conversion?  How many baptisms have you seen?  Do your regular students even care about what you are teaching?  Are they truly “just looking”?  Has anyone bought into the principles you have taught from God’s Word?  I got to be honest, if I produced a spreadsheet on how well I am doing with “selling God” to my students and the community, I would be pretty embarassed.

How about you, is your “God business” in a recession where you serve?