Monthly Archives: May 2009

Youth Culture Update

Safe Driving Teenagers

TV Effect on Teens – Time Magazine also wrote about similar results

Medicine Cabinet = Drub Habit?

Teens & Religion – Great article for vision/curriculum

Random Thoughts

Here are some news stories that just make you go why?

  1. I’m sure you heard about the lady that wanted to get a closer picture of the polar bears at the zoo.  Why?
  2. Ever want to break the world record for most texts in a month.  Might want to check if you have unlimited texting.
  3. I bet they were starburst jelly beans.  Soooo good.

What’s New in the Sports World

  1. The Bulls-Celtics series has become epic.  Thank you KG for being hurt so it is fair teams.
  2. I heard the NFL draft might go to 3 days now!  Are you serious?  Why don’t we make it like the 12 days of Christmas.  Wasn’t a 3 1/2 hour first round a clue not to expand?
  3. Only a matter of time before we see StAROD on the field.  Thought of that myself and wanted to get it in before it was on someone’s poster on ESPN.  Always wanted to be on sportscenter, so if you are at a Yankee’s game feel free to use that and I can live vicariously through you.

What’s New in Ministry

  1. Missions Training for our upcoming trip to Kentucky Mountain Mission have been superb.  Students have been working hard and can’t say I’m not getting a little nervous as the trip approaches.
  2. Why does it take a financial crises to appreciate God’s giving towards us!  We are so blessed and spoiled by our Lord, and giving back to him through our time and resources is such a blessing, especially with so many in need.
  3. Looking forward to one of our biggest events.  Can’t wait for the 1st ever PRIM OLYMPICS.  It will be historic.