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Father’s Day Sermon Ideas


So I had the blessing of preaching the Father’s Day Service and we gave away “Happy Father’s Day” pens. I think we made the smarter decision.

What makes a successful mission trip?

Next week our mission team departs for a mission trip to Kentucky to work in a youth camp and conduct a VBS for the local community.  As the trip gets closer, I keep thinking and praying:  What makes this trip successful?

  • If we make it through the VBS without anyone electrocuting themselves or a kid walking into traffic?
  • If we have at least as many students in the van coming back as we did going there
  • It doesn’t rain during your work time, no one throws up more than twice, and the food is pretty good
  • No hospital visits, no police calls, and we are invited back for another trip

What do you think?  What makes a trip successful?  What is missing in this list?  In case you couldn’t catch the sarcasm, here are few that I truly would put on my “successful trip” list.

  • Students matured in their faith and were stretched in ways that may not have happened without this trip
  • Boys and girls accept Jesus Christ as their Savior…and the students have a part in that!
  • The missionaries are blessed, encouraged, and their ministry is better off because of your visit

There, I thought you would like that list a little better.  Now I’d like to hear what you think!