Monthly Archives: July 2009

God has a sense of humor…but can we say He is a baseball fan?

When things like this happen, I just imagine the Lord saying, watch this!

Amazing Double Play

What are the chances?

Kinda random, I know.  Just thought I would share in case you missed it on SportsCenter.

Seriously though, look at Scripture.  God shows His power in so many ways that only can be explained that “God allowed that to happen”…the Jericho wall comes down with ram’s horns, Sun and moon all day, the writing on the wall, the virgin birth…We serve an amazing God.

What are some stories that you have that only can be explained by “God did that”?

The Recession, The Depression, The Perspective-sion



Much has been said about the current state of our economy.  I’m not gonna take the time to give you my political stance, because this is neither the time nor the place.  BUT, hear me out.  It is time we gain a little perspective.  Click on the website below, and you’ll see what I mean.  We are still very blessed in this nation UNDER GOD!  Check it out, it is pretty humbling.

Global Rich List – see how blessed you are!