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Fantasy Football Draft

Looking for a way to get the guys together in your youth group?  Football, wings, & mountain dew usually do the trick.  And that’s what you can do with having a fantasy football draft.  Here is how to set it up and organize the event:



Positive:  This would work well if you want to limit the mess at someone’s house.  Also, you can use the gym or facility afterwards for a flag football game or quarterback challenge.

Negative:  May struggle getting new visitors to come to this setting compared to others.  Is not a different setting for youth ministry kids. 


Positive:  This would be a comfortable setting and could provide an opportunity for a leader or parent to bring the students in their home.  A good step in building relationships and familiarity.

Negative:  THE MESS!

BW3’s or Local Sports Restaurant

Positive:  This is great for atmosphere.  You got big screens showing preseason football games, you got a sports atmosphere, and you got waiters getting your drinks and wings!

Negative:  You can’t always hear very well.  Your time is somewhat limited, especially if others want to get your table.  Space is a concern as well.



Fantasy Football Form:  On this form you need to have listed – Name, Team Name, Email, Username, Password, & List of Positions for student to fill out (QB, RB, WR, TE, etc.)

You can make the teams as unique as you want.  Maybe make everyone choose 3 kickers or 4 Quarterbacks.  Maybe you like defense better and want more individual defenders…have fun with it.

Fantasy Football Rankings:  This depends how nice you are.  I’m pretty nice, so I print out (*see below) the top players for everyone.  This speeds things along and helps those that don’t know as much about the game.  But, someday, I might just tell everyone to do their own research =) 

League Rules:  For those that have done fantasy football before, you may get asked how the points are awarded, if the league is head to head, trade rules & deadlines.  If you just read those things and thought it was a different language, I suggest going to a popular fantasy football website (**see below) and choose DEFAULT settings.  It will save you time, and then next year you can change things around based on your preferences.  Suggestion:  Make the points big and easy to remember.  In our league, every touchdown is 6 points, every big defensive play is 5 points, 10 yards in rushing and receiving is 1 point.



  1. *Fantasy Football Rankings

       2.  **Fantasy Football Leagues – My Suggestion

Teens Texting and Driving


What do you think of this picture?  Think it is posed?  Take a gander at the speedometer.  Still don’t believe me?  Click on the picture to read the article.

Here some interesting data for you.  According to a recent study by the American Automobile Association, the risk of a car accident increases by 50% for people who text message while driving, and some researchers say you are 4 times more likely to get in an accident while operating a cell phone.  Should we all invest in this for our teen drivers?