More 5th Quarter Party Ideas

Here are some ideas that may be more effective AND will save you money!

  1. 5th Quarter Party – Host Houses – The past two years, the biggest difficulty can be described in one word…TRUST.  From their parents, Sesame Street, and Bob the Builder, kids are taught about “Stranger Danger”.  So when you get a flyer to get a ride in a strange van (even though it is a church van) to a strange place (even thought it is a church), most students will decline because they don’t trust you.  So we came up with a solution to the “stranger danger” problem – host houses.  Here are the steps:  1.  Ask a set of parents to host the event at their house (one for each high school represented in your student ministry), 2.  Recruit food donations, chaperones, clean-up helpers from your church (don’t put everything on the host house!), 3.  Get the students involved in the planning – games/activities, prizes, flyers, 4.  Get guest speakers for the party- Sunday School teachers, Parachurch ministry speakers, etc.
  2. 5th Quarter Party – On the Field – In issue 3 of the Youth Minister Newsletter, Student Life has a great article how to save money in your ministry.  One great idea was to hold the 5th Quarter Party on the football field.  Here are some steps:  1.  Contact local high school A.D. and ask permission (don’t just show up), 2.  Have parents & church donate items for party, 3.  Have football themed activities, 4.  Get guest speakers for the party – Sunday School Teachers, Parachurch ministry speakers, etc. (FCA may be a good idea)

Hope this helps you save money and, more importantly, bring the gospel to the students in your area!


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2 thoughts on “More 5th Quarter Party Ideas

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