Monthly Archives: December 2009

Life Lessons from Tiger Woods

With the recent outbreak of disappointing news surrounding Tiger Woods, I’ve been doing some reflection on the lessons I can learn.  You see, I have to admit I was a huge Tiger Woods fan.  I’m talking Tiger Woods posters, shirts, belts (all of which are for sale)…I even had iamtigerwoodsjunior as my IM name in college.  Yeah, it was that bad.  So you could imagine the disappointment when I heard the news of his affair, and then heard it again, and again…okay, you get the point. 

Here are the lessons learned:

  1. Whenever I hear of moral failure, I am reminded of the story of Achan in Joshua 7.  Achan seemed like a nice guy with a good family.  But, as it says in Joshua 7:21, he saw something he wanted that wasn’t his and took it.  Tiger saw something that wasn’t his, and he took it.  He had a beautiful wife that was given to him, but instead he saw something he thought was more valuable and wanted that instead.
  2. Something my counseling professor told me in seminary that has stuck with me “We are all one step away from being in counseling”.  And it’s true.  It just takes one dumb decision that can put us in counseling, cause strain on our marriage, and ruin lives.  A lesson Tiger learned the hard way.
  3. We can’t put man on a pedestal.  They will always fail us.  God deserves to be on that pedestal.  He deserves to be followed in masses like Tiger’s following on the golf course.  The most famous athlete on the planet will still make mistakes (this being a monumental one).  It is only God that will never fail you.

Sure some of the jokes are funny, like what is the difference between Tiger’s golf clubs and his Escalade.  He can drive with the golf clubs 300 yards.  But seriously, it’s not a bad thing to learn from other’s mistakes.  Lest you think you can fail…think again.  Follow God and let Him guide your course.