Monthly Archives: February 2010

Abstinence Education Works

A recent study provides statistical proof that abstinence education works better than the “safe sex” education method.  No…really?  (sarcasm)  You’re saying that teaching kids to “practice” safe sex will be a better method to keep teen pregnancy rates down and STD’s from spreading to a minimum.  Seriously, what does the word “practice” even mean there.  Doesn’t that just tell the whole story there.

Any Bible-believing person is not suprised one bit by this study.  This is GOD’S PLAN from the very beginning of time.  God created a help-mate for the man.  He didn’t create several helpers for him to practice with before he found one he really liked or was willing to “settle down” with when he got older.

Forgive me if I am quite frank here, but the movement that virginity is archaiac or impossible is simply untrue.  And to think some Christians are spreading the lie that the Bible doesn’t forbid sex before marriage is unnerving.  Praise the Lord for this article.  It is about time that mainstream media spoke the truth about such an epidemic.  Handing out condoms at the end of class will not solve your problem.  Handing out Bibles will!  God’s plan for sex has always been the best plan, is the best plan, and will always be the best plan.