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Scary Trends in Teen Drug Use

This is one of those “it will never happen to my kid” type topics.  Parents and youth workers must be attuned to behavior that teens are seeing as the norm.  Some of these behaviors are not even illegal, yet can have hazardous effects.  Please take the time to check these out so you can be knowledgable and equipped to help your teen resist these temptations they face daily in their high schools.

K2 – Substance like potpourri.  Found at convenient stores at a high price.  Light like a candle and inhale the fumes.  A legal alternative to marijuana.

I-Doser – Listening to sounds that promise to make listeners feel like they are on strong mind-altering drugs, from strong prescription painkillers like oxycontin — a $4.50 download — and Demerol to illicit drugs like cocaine and crystal meth.

Prescription Drugs – Not a new concept, but cannot be ignored.

I pray your teen does not get caught up in these.  The after school commercials are right though, don’t forget to talk to your kid about drugs…even the ones that may not be illegal.  Those are the ones that lead to more dangerous behavior.

Signs of Old Age

I admit, I wouldn’t label myself as being old, but when a student said to me “What are you, like 40?”  It got me thinking…what makes me look and act so much older to my students, and here are some answers and TOP 10 SIGNS OF OLD AGE:

  1. You get bored after 3 minutes on Facebook
  2. It takes you 5 days to recover from a pick up basketball game
  3. Your wife tells you everyday to get your eyes checked
  4. You think it is a good idea to get White Castle, but the rest of your body thinks it is a very bad idea
  5. When choosing an outfit comfort rules over style
  6. When you are young it is “Why this” & “Why that”…and now it is “What?”…… “What?”
  7. You get the most laughs when you do something athletic
  8. The two words that give your heart complete joy are “Nap Time”
  9. You talk more with your friends about the latest mortgage rates than the latest movie reviews
  10. You think Lady Gaga is a character on a children’s program on the Public Access Channel 

Sadly, most of these are true about me…does that make me seem so much older?