Summer Camp

Summer camp is a great place for young people to get away from their video games, iPods, televisions…and grow.  There are so many types of camps out there that teach values, life skills, independance, and even survivior tactics.  Being a pastor, I’m a huge fan of Bible camps.  I’ve seen many kids comes back changed spiritually, many people have accepted Christ there, and many have been taken to new heights in their relationship with God.  There is such great value in camp.

What happens when the non-religious world holds a camp?  I find it interesting where it is a camp where they promote free-thinking and tolerance, yet the two names they chose for teams both mocked Christianity.  But there is value here.  Camp still needs to be a place where our young people are stretched to think and believe for themselves.    I’m curious what your reaction is to “Camp Quest“. 

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