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Twilight Fans Going Too Far?

My girls are very young, so this hasn’t been a topic of discussion in our house, butRobert Pattinson: Do his canines look a little pointy? maybe it has in yours.  The “Twilight” and vampire craze is rampant among teen girls.  Whether the danger, the romance, or the intrigue…or because that Robby Patterson is so dreamy…these girls are going nuts over this stuff (and yes I know it is Robert Pattinson, before I get death threats).  We all had our crushes in high school over someone famous, (Kelly Kapowski from Saved by The Bell).  But how far is too far with this obsession?  When does it become a worry for parents?  Here are some examples of where this twilight craze has led some students…you be the judge if it is out of control and if your child/student is headed here:

Teen Biting

“Vampire Teeth”