Monthly Archives: September 2010

Highlights from Youth Culture

Here is the cliff notes version of youth culture this month…Feel free to discuss!

  1. Recent study claims Marijuana is not a gateway drug
  2. Researchers claim Facebook can reduce student grades as much as 20%
  3. Studies show Social Networking can cause narcissistic behavior
  4. Lady Gaga calls her fans “Little Monsters” (Maybe someone can explain that to me)
  5. Only 25% of millennials disagree with same-sex marriage
  6. Jersey Shore cast make a whole bunch of money for doing a whole bunch of nothing
  7. Teen fights body-jewelry ban at school because she belongs to “Church of Body Modification”
  8. Can you guess where 66% of incoming text messages come from on teen’s phones?
  9. “Twilight” fans study shows dark-themed movies/books can affect teen’s psyche
  10. Dare 2 Share Conferences look like a must attend for youth groups across America