College, Singles, and Career…Oh My!

There has been much written about the epidemic of students “graduating from church”.  The statistics are out there where we are seeing a number of students leaving the church after high school…and while I have my theories, my goal of this post is to look at the positive, with your help.  As I begin to follow God’s leading in developing College/Singles, College & Career, Young Adults (whatever you want to call it)…I’d love to hear what has worked for your ministry, or even what has not worked.  Teach me.  Here are some questions:

  1. What structure has worked in your ministry to college/singles?  Time?  Location?
  2. What curriculum/studies have you used?  What has worked best?  DVD study?  Topical Studies?
  3. How have you been able to connect with parachurch organization on campus like Campus Crusade and Navigators?
  4. What is the best method of contacting this age group – email, facebook, text…I’m smart enough to know that talking over the phone is so 2007.
  5. What events have been successful?  What times?
  6. How are you able to keep college students that are away connected?  Do you do something special in the summer/winter break?

I’ve got more questions, but I think this is a good start.  Would love to hear what God is doing in your ministry to young adults.  Have a blessed day.

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