Developing a Youth or Student Mission Statement Part II

  1. Prayer – This is an essential element in any part of the mission statement.  Even though this was in part one, it cannot be overlooked in part two.  Reason:  I will answer that with questions.  Who is your mission from?  How do you get your mission?  Where do you want your mission to take you?  These questions should not be answered without the use of prayer!
  2. Short & Sweet – I’ve seen mission statements that are longer than the Constitution.  We are looking for precise, accurate, and reachable.  Those words are not words that go hand in hand with verbose, wordy, and hard-to-remember.
  3. Easy to Remember – Don’t be too cute with this where you have to use your thesaurus to find words that fit the acronym A.W.E.S.O.M.E.  But there is some benefit to having your purposes start with the same letter, or end with –ing, or maybe (remember the don’t’ be too cute) rhyme.
  4. Mission Statement’s First Born – Your mission statement should “birth” your purposes.  The purposes of your ministry should be found easily in your mission statement.  They should not be so different.  Purposes should be 1-2 word descriptions of the different goals found in your mission statement.
  5. Logo – Often overlooked is the logo.  There is a reason why people living in jungles can recognize a Coca-Cola can, or if you lined up a kid from every continent on this planet, they could each tell you what a happy meal was in their own language.  The logo is recognized.  Choose a logo that can easily be recognized, is professional, and wouldn’t embarrass you if it was on a letterhead sent to the President of the United States…or more realistically to the branch manager of Chipotle when you ask for donations.

How did you develop your mission statement & purposes?  If you haven’t, what are you aiming at in your ministry?  Remember, if you aim at nothing, you will hit it everytime!

In case you missed it…Part I of “Developing a Youth or Student Mission Statement

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