All about the Washingtons…

Did a lesson on MONEY last week, and was thinking, maybe I should share with others in ministry how I do my best to save money.  Because, let’s be honest, we could all use some tips in this area since those in ministry aren’t exactly signing contracts like Albert Pujols this winter.  Well, here ya go:

Pastor Jeff’s top 7 Ways to save money:

  1. Water.  Get water at restaurants & you will save hundreds of dollars every year.
  2. Weep.  Weep, because ESPN is a luxury and not a “must have”.
  3. Wait.  My wife is the queen of this.  She finds something she likes, she will wait till it is on sale, and sometimes wait till it is on a better sale.
  4. Walk.  Nope, not saying walk to work.  I’m saying when you go to a clothing store, walk to the back of the store where the clearance rack is and shop there.
  5. Work.  The Bible commands men that you provide for your family.  So if you struggle with laziness now, get rid of it now, because you are required to work the rest of your life because retirement is now fiction for our generation.
  6. Willpower.  You could buy the energy drink now or just drink water.  You could get this now, or wait for the sale.  You could buy the DVD now or wait till it is on the $5 rack.
  7. Whoa.  Some of you buy things to impress people and make them go “Whoa”…stop doing that.
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