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Teaching Gone Bad

If I had a checklist of the things I do in this video…I may have lost some ink in my favorite Signo pen.  How do you do at communicating?  Where do you fail?  This is a great video to show how we fail at communicating.

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Youth Culture Update

  1. Teens would rather give up their sense of smell than not have their social networking sites. (53% said yes!)  Can’t wait to hear the result of hearing loss vs. texting…could be close.
  2. Teens would rather have Facebook than access to a car (56% agree with this).  Ever heard of Bluetooth?
  3. What do actresses and teen internet users have in common?  Half of them lie about their age.
  4. Modern Warfare 3 reached sales of 1 billion faster than any entertainment of all time…see ya Avatar.
  5. A recent survey of teens showed that 7.3% had experienced multi-person sexual activity.  This breaks my heart!  We need to talk to our teens about purity, both practically & spiritually!
  6. Take a look at the common topics on girl’s blogs/social network sites:  BoysSchoolMusicBooksTVMoviesClothesBulliesBeautyWeightFriendsParentsChangingtheWorldNewsCelebritiesGames/GamingSportsShopping“ME”.  Moral of the story:  We need to add Jesus to this list.
  7. 72% of households play video games.  How many of these households hold family devotions?  How many of these parents need our encouragement?
  8. 88% of teens have witness bullying on the internet.
  9. MTV…well just read this article and let your jaw drop –
  10. We need to pray for our teens!

(Note:  Many of these articles came from the CPYU youth culture e-update.  If you are not signed up for it, it is a must for anyone in student ministry or parent of a teenager – sign up here)

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Is Hell Real? (“Erasing Hell” Book Review)

Book:  “Erasing Hell”

Author:  Francis Chan

This book is a response to the recent argument in theological circles that hell is not a literal place.  Many struggle with the idea of hell, and for good reason, it is not a pleasant place.  How could a loving God send someone there?  Do those sent there truly spend eternity there?  The answers to these questions should be life-changing…because if hell truly is a real place and is an eternal place of torment, wouldn’t we do everything we can do stop people from going there?!?

Disclaimer:  Francis Chan is one of my favorite speakers/authors out there.  His book “Crazy Love” literally was life-changing in my life.  That being said, I will do my best not to allow that bias or fandom to enter my evaluation.

What I liked:

  1. 1.       No IMHO – These are not opinions in this book.  Each subject or question about hell uses Scriptural support.  And not just one passage, but many to support each claim made.
  2. 2.       Convicting – The description of hell and its everlasting qualities convict you.  Without ruining the findings, you leave these pages convicted that the world needs to hear about Jesus.
  3. 3.       Cherry on top – At the end of the book, following compelling arguments and deep Biblical study…the gospel message is given.  Very appropriate.

What I didn’t like:

  1. 1.       Anybody got a pen? – With any Francis Chan book, it is such an easy read that I often forget to soak in the ideas and concepts.  I end up reading to quickly wanting to get to the next page.  I realize being a page-turner is not a weakness…but you are warned:  have your pen ready.
  2. 2.       Advertisement at the end – Thought the advertisement for his previous book wasn’t needed at the end.   A page or two maybe, but to do the whole sneak peek thing…eh.

Recommendation:  A must read.  It wrestled with the aspects of hell fairly and Scripturally.  A good reminder for any preacher…for any Christian!

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2012 Student Ministry Goals (or Youth Ministry Goals)

2012 Student Ministry Goals

  1. Provide more leadership for students, become more student-led
  2. Find more ways for students to connect & serve within the church
  3. Begin contacts & establishing a public school ministry
  4. Summer Mission Trip & Training
  5. Attend Teen Leadership Conference
  6. Better visitor  follow-up & visitor return
  7. Better orientation for 7th graders
  8. Better Transition for Seniors into Young Adult & Adult Min.
  9. Continue ministry training/mentorship with senior pastor
  10. I had a goal a few years ago to read at least one book a month. So let’s go for 2 books a month this year.
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